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Jump to content. So my tank is Pz. My current objective is to get Panzer IV. But it requires 15k exp. Now I don't mind playing multiple games. Take a look at the screen shot!! My main gun can't penetrate anything front or back!!! On average I am getting EXP. And before you 'experts' say I am playing as Scout. I don't want to play as Scout And to the developers, why should I invest my money into your game?

IF I'm not enjoying as a Free player. Welcome to the horrific world of tier 4 scouts, one of the places where WG really lets the new players down by not communicating with them. Tier 4 scouts are OP in tier, but thats because theyre balanced for a higher form of gameplay, where they arent supposed to use the gun, where finding stuff and keeping it lit is the way to win games. Scouting can suck, its frequently unrewarding and is difficult to do well. And even done well, you are still reliant on your team rather than your own efforts.

At this point your options are to suck it up, to deal with the fact that you will frequently be matched with tanks that can and will obliterate you in a single shot, and learn to abuse camo mechanics to just try and survive. Or you can go play some other tank. Or you could just wait a bit.

And by the way, if you want a certain tank, you have to play through the tanks to get it, thats how this game works, thats how everyone else plays it.

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Do a little research next time, and this may not happen to you. By the way, I have played that tank, and I didnt think it was a big deal. Theres nothing wrong with it, you just have to play it with a bit of thought. Pz 38 na have scout matchmaking which mean you'll expected to NOT fighting enemy, but running away, hide and spot enemy position for other teammates to act upon which on most case is nothing.

You can get more experience if your teammates bright enough to kill every enemy you have spotted. Back to World of Tanks for now. Remove gold ammo, 2. Skill MM, 3. Nerf Unicum's Favorite Tanks, 4.

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Buff tanks on noob's demand 5. Otakubouzu, on 31 May - AM, said:. Vesperon, on 31 May - AM, said:. Otakubouzu, on 31 May - PM, said:. Another thing Im noticing here OP is that youre sitting at the back where you have literally zero chance to earn XP. You need to be further forward, sitting in a bush somewhere where you can spot things and get that spotting XP. Id seriously recommend going onto youtube, or reading a few of the guides in the forums. Id also not recommend the Tiger line to an absolute newbie, you will cause yourself a lot of pain if you dont really make sure you know a lot about each tanks playstyle before playing it.

Granberry, on 31 May - AM, said:. Incoming 9. In a few weeks the highest tier the Na will meet is 6. I'm waiting for it so I can get through the A on my alt another fun tank, but awful against tier 8's. Granberry, on 31 May - PM, said:.

Now you have. Backtrack and unlock the Pz 4a if you don't want to go through the nA's harsh matchmaking. Seriously why the rush? Be more laidback with the grind. Thus is what happen when you rushed up tiers.

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And listen to the vets above. They give good pointers. I m not critisize ya playing the nA but before the split, I gone through the nA to get the Pz4. I know the pain, but no use whining cos youre playing LT, which has harsh MM. Resurrected, and battle ready. Its good to be mean, nobody bothers you with their shit.

It's already good that you're here in the forum. Listen to all the chaps here and stop being arrogant. The path of raging and doing nothing about your situation is the path to being a NOOB. Also, games isn't enough to really bring out the full experience of the game and you've only reached tier 4 on 1 line in 1 nation. To me it's like only watching 10mins of a 2hr movie. The German line requires more skill than the other trees actually. You are just unlucky that you've picked that specific line.

If you chosen another, say the Russian line or the American's, I'd say you would've had more fun. It has bad mobility for a scout so it can't do much other than passive scout which requires extensive understanding of firing lanes and critical positions, bush placement etc. Experienced players can do well in it but it is totally unsuitable for newbs. It can still objectively be bad. Like me and the Super Pershing.

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Love that guy, but it doesn't stand up as well as the IS Stormtroop3r, on 31 May - PM, said:. So I was still pretty much a newb back then. I dunno. Must be luck that I had fun in it. I still prefer it over the Lee. Well, I'd say even if the A has more mobility and a choice of guns, most will say it sucks. So typically, tier 4 tanks on main lines are rubbish really. Community Forum Software by IP. Started by GranberryMay 31 AM. Go scout. I was surprised you didn't even put a consumables for your tank. Vesperon, on 31 May - AM, said: I was surprised you didn't even put a consumables for your tank.

OP, the Pz. IV Ausf. A, not only is it a fun tank but it allows you to bypass the Pz. D which then le onto the Pz. H without forcing you to get a tank with scout MM. Granberry, on 31 May - AM, said: I did no take the time to read the wiki. If you're really dead set on using 38 t nA to get PzIVH which is very fun to use, trust me don't be a typical active scout who tries to dance in front of the enemy team, spotting them all - nA isn't fast or nimble enough to do that.

ELC and are, go play those tanks if you wanna scout like that. I'll wait for someone better to say how nA should be played - because I sure as heck played it wrong. AMD Ryzen 5 X 4. So far, I read the russian version of it and it showed the latest japanese tech tree. Hi there, I got almost battles with it. And you blame it for? Am I the only one that had fun with thte Pz38na? Although it can't win most games. Stormtroop3r, on 31 May - PM, said: It has bad mobility for a scout so it can't do much other than passive scout which requires extensive understanding of firing lanes and critical positions, bush placement etc.

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