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On April 19,Timothy McVeigh, a former soldier deeply influenced by the literature and ideas of the radical right, parked a Ryder truck with a five-ton fertilizer bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City. Moments later, people were killed and were injured in the blast. Oklahoma City traces the events — including the deadly encounters between American citizens and law enforcement at Ruby Ridge and Waco — that led McVeigh to commit the worst act of domestic terrorism in American history.

With a virulent strain of anti-government anger still with us, the film is both a cautionary tale and an extremely timely warning. Archival Sot: Klaver continuous And you will receive a copy of my proposed recommendation Archival Sot: Klaver continuous : … and can attend that board meeting and present your information directly to them With regard to this proceeding, basically there are four elements that I have to receive information regarding….

Watch the electricity line! Archival Sot: News Reporter: --all I can see, it looks like part of the building has been blown away. The explosion, though, went off around AM. And we could feel the explosion in the newsroom of Channel 9 at least 5 miles from downtown. Archival Sot: News Reporter: About a third—about a third of the building has been blown away.

This is just devastating. I was at a fundraiser about 30 miles away. The greatest fear I have is that we have casualties in the thousands. At any one time there could be a couple thousand people in that building. And we immediately started working our way towards the building.

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There were several vehicles on the north side of the building in a parking lot and all of them were burning. The black smoke was billowing up.

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When I walked up there, there was a hole in the ground about the size of a swimming pool that was about thirty feet in diameter and about seven or eight feet deep. Just a big hole in the ground. Randy Norfleet, U. Marine Corps: The ninth floor collapsed on top of the eighth floor onto the seventh floor… and when all three of those floors came to the sixth floor, the impact threw me into the west wall of the building, face first.

And it fractured my skull and left me unconscious there in the rubble. Ruth Schwab, Housing and Urban Development: My office was on the eighth floor, fairly close to the elevators. My eyes were in pretty bad shape. I could hear groaning and I felt like I should have done something. Jennifer Rodgers, Police Officer: When I first got there, I could see people trapped on different floors and they needed to be rescued.

And so I started my way into the building. I thought to myself Nothing happens here. I had worked international terrorism at FBI headquarters before that and had worked many cases in the Middle East. It looked almost identical to some of the buildings that had been destroyed in Beirut and places like that. It happened just a short time ago. A large portion of that building has collapsed and fallen away from the rest of the building.

Helena Garrett, Mother: I tried to put the building back in my mind of where would he be? If I have to dig for my son, where should I dig? Jim Denny, Father: I drove down there and met Claudia.

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Can I -- can I go in? Jim Denney, Father: I could see people that are covered with blankets, towels, whatever, that are gone. I knew the DEA agents that were in the building, I knew the ATF agents that were in the building, and those people were friends of mine. I could not believe what had happened to all of them and how this could be? How could somebody get to that state in their life where they could be so angry and upset that they would do something like this?

Archival Sot: McVeigh: Who started the war?

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And who was the aggressor? The war had already been started. You guys think you can be ruthless? Bill Morlin, Journalist: Northern Idaho. Archival Sot: Extremists: White power! What do we need? White power! Jess Walter, Writer: The Aryan Nations had established itself in Hayden Lake as a sort of headquarters of hate, radical right-wing hate. A plague known as Jews won the war, infiltrated our bloodstream of our race in every country in which we reside. Leonard Zeskind, Writer: Richard Butler, like many far-right people at the time, held that the federal government was in the hands of the Jews.

And the only way to save America was to assert your Christian sovereignty, your white Christian sovereignty. America shall again become white and Christian. Come us, because the white race is going to be driven to extinction. Daniel Levitas, Writer: The Aryan Nations attracted people from all walks of life who were white, all of them looking for someone to blame for the situation. And they focused their anger on the federal government.

People like Robert Mathews. And there, he met other young men like him, who thought that it was just talk, there was no action. Go over there! Archival Sot: Protesters: Death to the fascists, death to the fascists…. Mark Potok, Journalist: Bob Mathews wanted to start a revolution. He saw the United States government as a complete and utter enemy, run by Satanic Jews, that had to be destroyed.

Bill Morlin, Journalist: He had 12 or so other followers, most of whom he had met at the Aryan Nations. And they decided that they would basically declare war on the U. It was a fictional of a group of patriots that came together in a very smallmuch like what Bob was planning to do, and overthrow the United States government.

Archival Sot: William Pierce: Unit 8 will secure a large quantity of explosives, between 5 and 10 tons. It had this electrifying, energizing effect on all kinds of people on the radical right. This is a small group, but a very formidable group, and they start robbing banks, armored cars, kill whoever they had to kill. This was an organization that had taken real form and had real leadership and direction. And then they formed an assassination squad to go to Denver.

Archival Sot: Alan Berg: You never shut up! You never let me get a word in edge-wise! Get out of here! Mark Potok, Journalist: The Jewish talk show host, Alan Berg, had angered the radical right by essentially mocking them on his radio show. Is that your point, sir? Daniel Levitas, Writer: Alan Berg was shot to death in the driveway of his home.

It was essentially domestic terrorism. It was born and bred Americans inspired by racism, anti-semitism, and anti-government ideology. And so, they do. A very brazen daylight robbery right out on a highway.

They take this thing down. And we get that pistol. And after a two or three day standoff, the FBI moves in on the cabin and a gunfight occurs. Jim Botting, FBI Negotiator: The next evening, it was starting to get dark…so we put in some illumination rounds, and those rounds, one of them or so caught fire, and the building started to burn. Wayne Manis, FBI Investigator: And then it was like firecrackers, just pop pop pop pop, going off everywhere, was the cooking off of the rounds.

At daybreak I walked up to the remains of the house and saw his charred body there. Kerry Noble, Former Militia Member: Mathews death forced the movement, everybody, to look at themselves: Am I really ready and willing to die for the cause? I mean, domestic terrorism was now--was top order. And there was a massive amount of investigation and arrests throughout the United States. Bill Morlin, Journalist: By the mids, the federal agencies had the lesson of The Order, so they knew some of the folks that had come out of the Aryan Nations were doing bad things.

They were committing crimes. They were killing people. Bill Morlin, Journalist: They were 50 miles or so from the Canadian border. They had no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing. These are people that want to be left alone. They were really imagining this fortress, this place where they could really separate themselves from a corrupt and dangerous world. But they started showing up. At first it was purely social, they attended family picnics, those kinds of things. But as Randy began to interact more with them… he bought into the message, the anti-government message.

Women looking men Oklahoma City n m

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