Wife wants cuckold

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Beth was a gorgeous, year-old woman. She had blue eyes that sparkled and a stunningly beautiful face that was suitable for the cover of any magazine. Beth was five foot nine and blessed with the body of a swimsuit or lingerie model. Her natural, 34D breasts could easily grace the centerfold spread of Playboy.

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They were beautifully shaped, with perfectly proportioned areolas and nipples. Even though Beth was genetically graced with a flat stomach, firm bottom, and a magnificent figure, she still worked out every day. Beth was married to Joe. They had been happily married for six years.

Joe was 36 years old. He was a tall, attractive man and was physically fit. He also worked out almost every day. Joe was a professional that made a very good living. Beth and Joe met at the beginning of Beth's senior year in college. They fell madly in love and got married later that year. They had a great marriage and were very happy together.

Their sex life was also good and neither had any complaints. As Beth and Joe's seventh anniversary was coming up in the not too distant future, Beth found herself thinking about other men. No one specifically, just the thought of being with another men. Beth had no dissatisfaction with Joe. She wasn't at all unhappy with their marriage. The sex was good and Beth was still madly in love with Joe. Beth had no regrets for getting married so young. She knew her thoughts had nothing to do with Joe or their marriage.

The more she thought about it, she realized it was an independent desire she had that reflected in no way on Joe. She didn't feel unfulfilled by Joe or have any complaints. Beth wanted to explore more about what she had been feeling, and more particularly, why. Beth had an introspective side, so she wanted to really put a pin on what her thoughts were exactly about. She googled terms like cuckold, hotwife, slutwife, wifesharing, etc. Beth read up on swingers, swapping, and married couples who had threesomes.

She read many articles, reading through all the comments and differing opinions. She even read about BDSM, being a dominatrix, orgasm control, and erotic humiliation. Beth quickly ruled out things like swinging and threesomes.

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She knew this was definitely not about Joe. She wasn't interested in an affair and cheating on Joe. She wanted him there to be part of the experience with his consent, but didn't want him to participate. The hotwife material sounded partially right, with the wife's side of the relationship open. But, a lot of the material pointed toward the male encouraging it or being in control, showing off his wife and having her sleep with other men. Beth knew she wanted to be in control. This wasn't coming from Joe.

She was going to be the instigator.

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Beth narrowed it down to cuckold. But, she was unsure since many people's opinions were that cuckold was all about humiliating the husband.

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On the other hand, many people disagreed and said it involved a great love for and pleasing your wife. In fact, she couldn't even find a consistent spelling of the word between cuckold and cuckhold. The unclear and differing views were frustrating.

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She had thought when she started her research that she was going to find a definitive answer. Beth didn't want to humiliate Joe. That was not her desire at all. It had no appeal to her whatsoever. The submissive male aspect of cuckold however, did appeal to Beth. That sounded loving to her. She really liked the idea of her husband loving her so much that he was willing to totally submit to her to fulfil her desires to please her.

She had never thought about it before, but she also liked a little bit the thought of controlling his orgasms when she read about it. Her research was opening her mind. But orgasm control wasn't her current goal and a tangent thought. Beth decided that, for lack of a better term, cuckold was probably the closest word to the thing she wanted.

However, an exact term for it didn't really matter much. The research had crystalized in her head what she really wanted, which was the point of the exercise. Although she had clarified what she wanted, Beth had almost concluded for certain that it would not be possible. She thought it would remain one of her dark fantasies that she never told anyone.

Joe wasn't naturally submissive. He wasn't strong and overbearing, but he would speak his mind and let Beth know if she did something that bothered him. And, he had never made any indications that he would be open to the idea. Joe had never even suggested they have a threesome with another woman, much less want Beth to sleep with another man. Despite the perceived roadblocks, Beth shifted her focus to how to accomplish her goal and fulfil her desire.

She went back to the internet and researched and read deeper on cuckold. She read a of cuckold conversion how to articles with tips and suggestions. Beth reviewed countless user stories of people who had made it happen, or at least people who told a good story, knowing a lot of purported 'truth' on the internet was in fact fiction. She researched it for several weeks. Even though there were a lot of comments on the internet with truth being quite suspect, they gave her encouragement that it was possible.

Beth started thinking about a plan. She knew that straight out confessing her desire to Joe wasn't going to work. She had to be more covert and subtle.

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Beth liked the idea of some of the suggestions to gradually make it happen over time. She liked a challenge. Building it up in little steps sounded like the right way to go for her. Her plan was to make subtle changes and gradually notch things up in little phases; so small that over time they weren't even noticeable. Beth was never good at following the rules and she liked exploring boundaries. Her plan was to push and test the boundaries in small increments. Beth knew that if she crossed a line in Joe's mind, Joe would put a stop to it.

That way he would stop her if she took things too far, but since they were tiny increments, they wouldn't cause any permanent damage to their relationship. In any case, she thought the challenge would be fun. Beth was a determined woman in general, especially when she set her mind on something she really wanted. She was very goal oriented. Having this very lofty goal would be good for her. She knew it would be a difficult uphill battle, but she was up to the challenge.

The more she thought about it, the process of laying the groundwork and building up to it sounded like it would be almost as fun as the goal. She gave herself a pep talk. She told herself, "Don't get sidetracked. Keep focused and stay the course. Go after it until Joe puts a stop to it or you achieve your mission.

Wife wants cuckold

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