Who is christian slater dating

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She begins a romance with bad boy J. Dean Slaterthe new guy in town whose rebellious streak extends to cold-blooded murder. Slater and Ryder made a compelling on-screen couple, but did the pair ever date in real life?

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The two actors were never a serious item — in part because Slater was dating a different cast member from the film. But Ryder has admitted to having a serious crush on her co-star.

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Slater was 19 when he made Heathers, making him a few years older than the then year-old Ryder and some of his other co-stars. At the time of filming, Slater was dating Kim Walker. She played Heather Chandler, the leader of the Heathers and the first character to die in the film, after unknowlingly downing a mug full of Drano.

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Director Michael Lehmann had originally wanted Heather Graham for the part, but she turned it down. Interestingly, the J. Though Slater was dating Walker, Ryder has said she definitely had feelings for her co-star. But she says the two never dated. He was dating Kim Walker.

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Apparently, the feeling was mutual. Ryder says that she and Slater kept things strictly professional until after they were finished working on Heathers.

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The Stranger Things star admitted that she was a bit naive when it came to guys, explaining that her mom had to sit her down for a chat about relationships.

Who is christian slater dating

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‘Heathers’: Christian Slater Once Said That He Was Going To Marry Winona Ryder