When is kevin hart coming to atlanta

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I made lifelong friends I hold dear to this day. Now based in Atlanta, Kap is excited to watch his current major project become a reality with the Friday, Jan. It has been a labor of love. You have to outlast all of the others who are competing for the same thing.

The long process that has led Kap to where he is today, starring in films and television shows, was far from that of the overnight sensation. He has everyone constantly laughing. One thing about Kevin is that he is such a hard worker and a marketing genius. He is all about his business.

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It has been great to work with both guys. The journey has been special for Kap who, as a kid, grew up near Ferris, where his mom, Dee Kap, was an employee for 25 years before she passed away.

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His Ferris time brought Kap into contact with people who made a lasting impression on him. He credits those men and others for their positive influence on his future. As for that future, it looks bright for Kap. Part of growing into the man he is today started with his willingness to step out of his comfort zone to pursue a career as an actor.

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Working on this project has changed everything around for me. Ferris News.

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When is kevin hart coming to atlanta

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Kevin Hart's PLASTIC CUP BOYZ Atlanta on May 15