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Word math problems Worksheets Calculators. Percentage calculator Complete the sentence that represents your problem.

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Enter the values and click Calculate. What is the percentage? A percent is a ratio whose second term is Percent means parts per hundred. The word comes from the Latin phrase per centum, which means per hundred. Percentages are used to express how large or small one quantity is relative to another quantity. Percentage in word problems: Class In 7. C clss are 10 girls and 20 boys. What percentage of students missing?

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In Inassuming about Find the decimal notation for Walking Of the students at the school, walks to school. What percentage is this?

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Of the total of seedlings, they managed to plant How many percents did they meet the daily planting limit? How much ore is needed to produce 23 tons of iron? Researchers Researchers asked families whether or not they were the homeowner and how many cars they had. Their response was homeowner: 14 no car or one car, two or more cars 86, not homeowner: 38 no car or one car, two or more cars Flawless Of the products, were flawless.

What percentage was due to failures? Percentage 10 Fifty-two shorts and missed What percentage of Janko's reward got? Sharonsville fires In the city of Sharonsville, there were structure fires in Inthe of structure fires in Sharonsville decreased by By what percentage did structure fires decrease in Sharonsville? Percents - easy How many percent is out of ? Loss A bookstore purchased from a publisher the biography of a well-known politician for R15 per copy, but sales have been very poor.

The manager has decided to mark the copies down to R12 each to make a quick sale. Does this seem to be a valid estimate if in random sample of 90 college students, 28 are found to have cars? Use a 0. The first string is 24, what is the 9th string or term?

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