What to do if husband has an affair

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Home Wellness Relationships. What would you do if your partner had an affair? Meet three women who, in their own way, learned to pick themselves up and move forward again. She and her husband, Bill, laughed together every day and had two kids they doted on. Bill shared the chores and childrearing, planned trips for the family and often wrote her poetry. After 17 years of marriage, they still had sex regularly. Her formerly attentive husband started going on more business trips and, when home, was becoming emotionally distant and spending more time texting. Her husband accused her of being paranoid, which led her to seek counselling to deal with what she assumed was misguided jealousy.

He loved the woman, who was also married and wanted to be with her just as soon as she left her husband. In the meantime, he suggested he live in the basement until they sorted things out. She asked him to leave. He did. The next three months were agony.

Barrett could barely eat or sleep. The fallout of infidelity, she soon realised, is that it chips away at you incessantly. It eats away at your sense of reality. She took antidepressants during the day to deal with the raging sadness and sleeping pills at night to get some much-needed sleep. Barrett took up running and meditationkept a daily journal and sought professional counselling for herself and her. Because she was so preoccupied with the emotional pain of her marriage breakdown, she cut back at work.

All the while, she has kept her children front and centre: Having to care for them has enabled her to get through the ordeal, she says.

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All the while, she has kept her children front and centre: having to care for them has enabled her to get through the ordeal, she says. All the while, she has kept her children front and centre. Having to care for them has enabled her to get through the ordeal, she says.

And talking has helped. Because her friends and family knew what happened, other women confided their own stories of infidelity, which made her feel less alone. Almost a year on, Barrett believes the worst of the pain may be over. I know that by doing all these things, somehow I will heal from this. She considered selling her Toronto home and moving into an apartment with her year-old daughter, but reality crashed around her.

Moving would mean her daughter would have to shuttle back and forth between her parents. In addition, Samuel would have to carry her household on her single salary. Her husband ended the affair immediately, asked for forgiveness and promised to work on their marriage. She and her husband went into counselling for six months, but today, five years later, the infidelity lingers around the rim of their relationship.

They share the household chores, both contribute financially to the family coffers, focus on their daughter and even cuddle together on the couch watching TV. Their sex life has died. Samuel is unsure about the future and acknowledges separation may be a possibility when her now year-old daughter leaves home. I can even understand how, after years of monogamy, a partner might stray. But I feel our marriage has a crack in it that it may be forever fractured, so I try to do things that make me happy. That includes finding ways to assert her independence, taking up new activities, like ing a golf club and hiking group, and looking to her girlfriends for emotional connection.

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Turns out, Brian had just ended the affair and the woman was now getting her revenge by letting Ross in on the secret. Ross, a year-old Vancouver banker and mother of two, admits her marriage had been unhappy for years. She takes some of the blame for that… a miserable childhood left her with a bleak outlook on life. I recognized I needed help. It allowed her to unblock angry and hurt feelings caused by past betrayals and relationship failures. For the first time in my life, I started to feel good about myself.

Her new attitude also started to improve her marriagewhich, in turn, caused Brian to end his affair. I have forgiven him, even though I still need more time to heal completely. The couple has brought romance and tenderness back into their daily lives. They now greet each other with a hug at the door when they get home from work and take the time to send loving s to each other. Their sex life, which had flagged for years, is now robust. He has learned to be a better communicator, and I have, too.

The important thing is he understands those faults and is dealing with the mistake he made. We are no longer supporting IE Internet Explorer as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices.

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What to do if husband has an affair

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I've found out my partner is having an affair, what should I do?