What to do if he wants you back

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Here are some s your ex finally recognizes that he messed up and wants you back in his life. He stays single long after the breakup.

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Staying single can also be an indication that a guy is hoping for another chance. He contacts you out of the blue. Odds are that he has finally realized that he made a mistake and wants to make amends. That being said, he may not necessarily offer an apology. He asks your friends about you. Nowadays, social media is sometimes a good way to keep up with someone, but if he has recognized that he made a serious mistake, he might work a little harder to gather information about you. Do you ever get the sense that your ex is dating someone new but trying to hide it?

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You might see it on social media or hear from his friends, but self-destructive behavior is almost always a of regret or guilt. He undergoes major life changes. Regret tends to make people do rash things.

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He might move or do something that seems out of character. He gives you a long, drawn-out, heartfelt apology. It seems obvious that a guy will apologize once he realizes that he made a big mistake. Guys can be sneaky about how they get back into your life. If it helps, it usually means that he knows he messed up and is sorry. Instead, he wants to move past it by trying to act like your boyfriend. He bargains to get back together. Remember that bargaining is one of the stages of grief.

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What to do if he wants you back

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When Your Ex Wants You Back