What is grace from god

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How can we make sure there is more room for God to speak, direct, and move in our lives? That is the question God has prompted throughout our world in this season. The answer God has been putting in my heart is to begin walking in the grace of God. My problem with that is, grace feels like a weak word and I have been resisting. So of course He has put podcasts and sermons and verses about grace in my path non stop until I have relented and dug deeper. Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Through this verse, He challenged me to start walking in the Grace of God rather than stumbling around in my own weakness. I am weak, though I work to be strong. Does God really want me to be weak? Should I be happy that I am weak? Grace is a far cry from my normal goals. I long to be more perfect, successful, to finishes strong, do all I set out to do, and be loved by others. A gracious woman sounds like a weak woman, a woman who never gets her own way, a woman who has no rights or voice of her own.

She feels like a mousy woman always getting walked on by others? As I looked at the call to live graciously in Scripture, I was surprised to see that my picture of grace is not Biblical. What is grace? Blue Letter Bible defines grace as the unmerited favor of God poured out to us leading to salvation. What is grace spiritually? When I think of grace I think of the character of God. God shows both so often and both feel so out of my reach at times. If we just glance at this definition, grace still feels passive. We obtain grace from God or others.

If we look closer, however, we see there is an active strength required to obtain grace. Walking in the grace of God is not a passive thing. Living by grace requires action. In fact, looking at the action required tells me that a weak person could never live by grace. A woman of grace then must be a very strong person.

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Walking in the grace of God is something any of us can do if we take a few steps. These are things that stand out to me about Grace, as a character trait of God that we have access to through the power of the Holy Spirit living in us. What is divine grace?

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It also sanctifies us and justifies us. Justification means God covers our sins. When God looks at us — after salvation- He sees us through His perfect son. I think of it sort of like a camera filter. You can take a picture of yourself or you could pick a cute filter and look like an elf or a kitten.

God sees me covered by the blood of Christ poured out to pay for my sin. He sees me spotless and righteous and holy just like Jesus. Without walking in the grace of God, a woman will continue to try to fix herself up until she feels perfect enough to stand before God. Sanctification is about walking with God, staying open to allow Him to change you through life to be more like Him. There are Christians who refuse to change, refuse to give God control of their lives.

They tend to be miserable fighting God in life. I have been one in many seasons so I can testify to that. Allowing change requires strength. Change is hard, but God is trustworthy. Giving Him control takes strength!

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It takes a strong woman of grace to walk by faith in God with open hands allowing God to change her as He sees fit. Both justification and sanctification refer to a change God is working in our hearts, minds, and souls making us into His image. We are becoming holy as He is holy through the work of Grace in our lives. We get stuck when we refuse His grace, refuse change, hold ourselves to too high a standard or wallow in guilt and shame over our mistakes. God changes us through his divine grace, but He also fills us with His grace and calls us to extend grace to others following His example.

We see in 1 Corinthians that we God fills us with the Holy Spirit also called the Holy Spirit of grace in Hebrews and that filling compels us to live by and extend grace. Accepting grace daily should be no problem because we have grace living in us! How can we more easily accept grace? I see two ways that come from Ephesians To refuse to accept His grace would be like refusing to eat for a week while there is plenty of food in the cupboard.

It would be a pointless waste, making me weaker for no good reason! If seeing grace as a spiritual gift is how we begin accepting grace, understanding how gifts mature is the next step. If grace is a spiritual gift I know it will mature just like the other gifts mature over time the more it is accepted and used. I only hurt myself by trying to walk in my own strength which the Bible calls weakness and demanding that others do the same.

As we embrace the idea of becoming women of grace we must throw off the weak worldly picture of grace and step into the biblical picture of grace. A woman of grace, living by grace, walking in the grace of God is strong as she imitates her strong God. Yes, grace involves giving up your rights and serving others.

It takes a powerful woman, confident in WHOSE she is to give up her rights and desires in order to love others well. To see the characteristics of a woman of grace we must look at some Bible verses about living by grace. What gives me hope is that Scriptures on grace are often paired with powerful things proving that living in and extending grace to others is actually living from a position of strength. A woman of grace lives a life of truth, not hiding from the hard things but giving them to God.

God is truthful, He encourages us while also correcting us. A woman of grace does the same, not avoiding confrontation but also not beating people up with the truth. A woman of grace has access to all the power of God at work within her. We have each been given gifts from God and when we identify and live in those gifts and callings we can do amazing things in the Kingdom of God. This is not about perfection. The power of God at work in us, often comes through weakness, foolishness and imperfection, pointing others to God, making disciples, teaching, and maturing believers.

It takes a strong woman to allow the power of God to work in her toward heavenly goals often at the expense of earthly goals. I love that God took the first step toward us and then gave us permission to step toward Him continually with boldness. Grace gives us boldness and confidence to approach God rather than trying to deal with life alone or fix our problems alone.

Walking in the grace of God in strength demands that we to come to Him with confidence every time there is a decision to make or a problem to fix. A strong woman of God knows she is strong only when walking in the will of God and in the strength of God. Living in grace is not living perfectly. We will never be sin-free. Do you see how these things build on each other? As we get to know God, understanding Whose we are we are more able to grow in the gift of grace from a place of strength. It takes very little effort to worry about and work toward our own goals, dreams, and desires.

We can do that almost without thinking each day. A strong woman of grace serves others, uses her gifts and talents to help them get further in the journey than they could have gotten alone.

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It may feel like serving others will take time away from reaching your own goals, but in reality, you grow so much faster by serving others. This is one of those things you need to just try and see how God multiplies back the blessing of serving. Pride is the enemy I know well. Pride refuses to ask for help, hides its flaws, pretends nothing is wrong, and ignores the hard things in life. Humility, on the other hand, asks for help, accepts imperfection, shows others where there are mistakes, and faces the hard things knowing God is right there. Just as grace serves others, grace gives.

The Bible talks about giving to support the work of God, tithing to the local church as well as giving to the needy. We are a people blessed by God. Many of us are blessed financially as well as spiritually.

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When we give we are displaying the grace of God to others. This applies when we give money, time, and resources, however! There is blessing in giving our lives away in service to God and others! I want to circle around to the verse we began with as we finish out our picture of grace as a characteristic of a godly woman. When I am trying to be all things and accomplish all things I am holding tight-fisted to the control in my life.

While I acknowledge there are weaknesses in myself I am usually covering them up. Maintaining control in my life is sin because it makes me my own god. I obey my will, follow my desires, cling to my rights, lie to others about my flaws to keep them from seeing my mess. This year, as I am struggling with the idea of accepting grace and extending grace to others I am forced to face the reality of the sin in my life.

Most days I choose control rather than grace. To make a change I had to come face to face with what each of these choices looks like and set up some benchmarks to see when I have gotten off track. A woman of grace lives in truth by acknowledges her weaknesses or at least not hiding them from others. The gracious woman is a godly woman even though she is not a perfect woman. And the best way to determine if we are living in grace is to look at those lists in relation to the people who live with us or work with us each day.

That is where we are most likely to be the real version of ourselves. The Holy Spirit comes to live within us at salvation giving us the grace that we need. Growing in grace requires three things on our part.

When we are saved God does so many amazing things in us and while He knows us, we know so little about HIM. God molds us more into His image daily.

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God is relationship-driven. He cares that we know HIM more. He wants us in a relationship with HIM which only happens through prayer and Bible study. It takes time to developed our spiritual gifts. We have to be intentional to practice them. The more we give up our rights and expectations to prefer others the more quickly grace will become a part of our character.

When we deny our desire for perfection and control we take another step toward gracious living. Part of practice will also be prayer — surprise. We grow when we pray. I have prayed many an emotional prayer, drawing nearer to God when life was hard.

What is grace from god

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