We are dating but he doesnt call

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Everything is great, until he hits you with sudden silence.

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For days. But after being hot and heavy for a while, the sudden and unexpected break can hurt… and it can lead to some worried and obsessive thoughts. There are several possible reasons for his sudden silence, and none of them are your fault. Look, not all men are the go-getters we know them to be. Not every guy will be eager to make the first step. What if he stays silent for a few days? Will you miss him? Will you care?

You may not have to take his silence personally. Have you considered the possibility that he might just be busy? We all have a million things to do at any given time, and truth be told, he might just not have time to chat. His job factors majorly into this, as well. Does he have a career with crazy-long hours, in a hospital? Does he work weird shifts?

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Does he work night shifts? That may be coming in between him and his desire to talk to you. Cut him a little slack and see what happens. If that is, indeed, what he is doing, then there are a million reasons to just let him be, because this man is not serious about being in a mature, adult, healthy relationship.

Cat-and-mouse games are for little boys who do not have the emotional maturity to come out and say that they like you and would like to further explore your connection. Instead, they rely on silly mind games. Pay attention to his absences — does he just stop responding for several days at a time, on a regular basis? Does he only text you at weird hours?

Does he block you, only to pretend later that his phone is acting up? That could indicate that there is another girl in the picture, or maybe several, depending on how much of a playboy he is. It might even be a steady girlfriend who is spending time at his place, thus rendering him unable to talk to you. Or maybe you even misinterpreted his attention. A lot of women have an unfortunate tendency to focus on what a relationship could be, instead of what it is. And when that happens, you start having expectations. This could turn into a serious relationship, so you expect constant contact.

As much as we rely on our phones, they are not infallible, and once in a while you will encounter the occasional area with spotty reception, no Wi-Fi, etc. And that may be exactly what he is experiencing. Okay, he has not texted in three days, and you are not the woman to sit around waiting, oh no. You are the type to take matters into your own hands and do something about it. And sure, you can. He is probably not busy, and he is probably not having a technology detox. No matter what the reason is, the point is that he is not interested, and the only thing you can do is accept it.

In fact, even if he does deign to show up after a few days, if this is a pattern for him, then he is not serious about you, and you deserve someone who is. That answer determines everything… Do you know how men determine if a woman is girlfriend material the type of woman he commits himself to or if he sees you as just a fling? The second problem almost all women experience: At some point he starts to lose interest.

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Ok…stop the BS. We both have different jobs now. I have told this woman I like you, I want to get to know you better. I think you are kinda special. What does she do. Says thank you, call me, and only contacts me when she thinks she needs to do something. Now I do it because I want to help her and I like her. Now Im stuck…. Im in a lose, lose situation. He walked as a Gm in a multi restaurant. Should i give him time or quit? I have told him that i love him and asked if he loves me too, he said yes.

He said he was going out of town to LA to spend time with his family for 5 days. Does your phone not work in LA? This dummy responded that his grandmother died recently and his mom asked the family to limit cell phone use during their visit and that they might go camping. Enjoy your trip. I can always tell how intelligent people are by how stupid they think I am. What a terrible way to react! Did you not read this article? Some people really, ALL normal people like to have their space while on vacation. Good grief. I met a guy at a restaurant and we exchanged she called the very next day ,we spoke for hours on the phone ,it was a fairy-tale kind of situation, we shared so much in common and had the same future goals ….

Since I have already and my 1st baby daddy is amazing with our child ,I have decided to get an abortion and forget about this guy coz I will not go through this alone ,I do not have the emotional or financial capacity to take care of myself nor my unborn baby ….

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My bf if 6 years started the v silent treatment again 4th time no contact for 19 days i want answers what should i do. Men… so disappointing! Well, I read this, over thought it and got super paranoid. I texted him this morning and his phone had dried out and he could call me. My sleepless night was a pointless exercise.

My boyfriend never initiate conversation, its always me, and he always respond with short words,this behaviour has been his from the very first time we met, have tried to complain about it,even confront him ,but all the same, im tired of initiating conversation, have been serously ill in two ocassions where i havent been alble to contact him for nearly two weeks,he never check on me… last week we had argurment over the same matter.

Im nolonger going to contact him anymore,cant be with a heartles carefree guy. Why are you doing this to yourself? A relationship is made up of two people. You are the catch here not him. He shld be the one chasing you not the other way round.

He is probably giving attention to someone he truly loves and care for. Do yourself a favor and move on from him. That silence treatment is actually an answer itself. Actions speaks louder and never apologize to him for telling him what you expect from him.

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We are dating but he doesnt call

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He Doesn’t Call Or Text For Days. What Does It Mean? Here’s What To Do