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up access your saved searches anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Already have a profile? in. Just want to give a shout out to Christian for a job well done! Great experience at the largest usud car dealership in the Valley! We were treated Very Well, couldn't ask for More! Thanks for all of you who helped us at CarMax! By far the best value for my money. It is solidly built, quiet, and smooth. The ride is like a Lexus and it handles very well. It has plenty of technology and comfortable seating. I love this vehicle but am no longer in need of it.

Lexus of Glendale provides very professional service. I always satisfied with their job. They check my car, wash,add gas,replace whatever is needed. My biggest gripe with the car is it does not have the performance of my IS Lexus could have used a more performance oriented engine. Otherwise, very reliable, trouble free, and handles very well on the road. I did an online review so I'm really wasn't able to know what the facilities were like but I'm convinced the vendor is A one.

I suppose that the vehicles are certified and or new. I wouldn't know the process of buying a vehicle this deller but I'm quite sure you'll either pay cash or get a good Finance deal. I gave thee customer service a three star rating because l don't know what's it like to deal with that particular dealer overall my online experience was well received.

Thank you. I've had this car for 7 years and it still goes as well as the day I bought it. A friend drove it the other day and was so impressed he's going to buy one too. The handling and quiet understated de gives me everything I want. Next to buy is the IS with a bit more power. My biggest concern when purchasing a vehicle is reliability. The Lexus brand has great reliability scores and reviews from their owners.

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I have been pleasantly satisfied with this vehicle so far. Great aggressive modern styling, sporty handling and fantastic maneuverability. The AWD has proved to be impressive in snowy conditions. I've owned the vehicle for 9 months with 35k miles and have had zero issues. I called the nearest Lexus dealership to schedule routine maintence and they have a concierge service that will deliver a loaner to you, and then return your car when they are finished.

They must not have many cars in the shop to be able to offer this service. This is a 5 year old vehicle and the car still drives and smells like a new car. My only complaints are that there is a lack of storage in the vehicle, the cup holders are awkwardly placed, and the factory remote start requires a monthly subscription ridiculous! Overall, a quality vehicle you would expect from the Lexus brand. They made sure I was happy when I left the car lot. I would recommend the car lot to anybody. Never needed any repairs and it had no problem fixing a 6 foot person without feeling cramped.

I see no need for the higher end models, this sporty model has all the bells and whistles. Esteban was very helpful in getting the vehicle I wanted today. Typical dealer experience. Lost for an hour tying up the process but they were patient and stayed open past normal hours to help send us on our way. Would recommend again. About 25mpg average. The exterior is just so attractive to me. The user interface control knob in the center console is interesting, but not troublesome.

Surprising amount of trunk space! Easy website to navigate, I found the car i was looking for. Although it wasn't the right time for me. When I am ready i will go through carvana. Love this car it drives like a charm looks sporty great on gas, my kids love it great on the highway best decision I ever made. They did great in helping me find my Honda Civic! I was a bit hesitant at first but he made it much easier.

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This car looks and feels like a high dollar sports car, but is practical and comfortable at the same time. Plus the quality you expect from Lexus. From the moment I drove up To get my vehicle serviced to the moment I received my vehicle back was such a great and smooth experience, definitely coming back here! Very durable and reliable transportation. After 10 years of usage every single thing works. The best car brand in my opinion. My family owns few different models and every single one is unique.

Check out this place if in the market for a good used car - no BS, no hassle,honest - will just tell you to keep them in mind in the future if just looking around or don't buy a car from them. I have owned this car for just under two years now. Unbelievably reliable, very comfortable on the open road for both myself and my wife who are in our late 50s, and a pure joy to drive. I was fortunate enough to find this car when it was five years old and only had 20, miles on it so it was literally brand new, there were not even xxx marks in the seats when I bought it.

Just the warranties and the service package that came with the car alone made it hard to walk away, oh yes and by the way, the car rocks. We will be driving these forever since you can get three hundred thousand plus miles out of a Lexus or Toyota product if properly cared for. I have driven 2 different BMWs and also a Mercedes Benz, and will never drive a German car again as long as Lexus and Toyota are making the value and reliability type of cars they have made for years.

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Truly caring and friendly service. The Techs in the garage are some of the best. Thanks as always, David. Quality all the way! Extremely comfortable and fun to drive! The fit and finish is amongst the best in the auto industry. Resale value beyond compare. Good deal. They post their total prices online and I only buy used. I will buy from them again.

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They will drive the cars to you and let drive them. At home! Good prices for most cars. Love the luxury of Lexus as I had ly owned one. Car has already exceeded my expectations! Drives and handles like a brand new car. Was fully detailed upon arrival to pick it up.

Plan to have this car for a long time. Excellent experience from start to finish with a trade and buy! Highly recommend Shift. Responsive customer service and nice people at each interaction. Thank you! I got the car for reliability and comfort while driving around and taking customers out. Great look and feels. Performance is great in sport mode and equally as good in eco mode. Definitely more pros than cons in this experience.

I bought a car during the Fourth of July sale. It arrived a few hours late, but that wasn't a huge deal. I reached out to Shift and forwarded them the assessment then they took the car back for evaluation. They also sent me a gift card to cover the cost of the assessment, which really impressed me.

Things got a little slow once they had the car because it took time to get new tires. The replacements were a mid-level brand with so-so reviews but they're still new tires! Only other hitch was when they returned the car, the driver's side interior was really dirty from being in the shop.

I sent photos and they agreed to reimburse me for detailing if I submitted a receipt. After I sent them the receipt, I got a check in the mail about 10 days later. All in all, despite the hitches and delays, I was pleased with my experience and with my car! Simple maintenance, super reliable. Everything in the car is perfectly placed. I can reach everything like switches and buttons without having to look for them.

The ability to set the AC, wipers and cruise control and just drive in comfort is hard to place a value on. Defiantly looks good when valetted at the club, and they don't even know how good the gas mileage is. Always a great experience with Nissan. I love the waiting room while my car gets serviced. It's so relaxing.

I maintain this car at the local Lexus dealership. The performance tires last about 25, miles and it does require premium fuel. Still a solid, dependable and enjoyable car. Sergio takes care of his Long Beach peeps! I needed a safer car for me and my 3 kids - so determined, I even went on a rainy day to just see if I qualified Happy to say I drove off with a bigger, better family vehicle in a couple hours and within my budget! A few concerns on the vehicle but so far Sergio and his team have shown me that they'll still make sure you're a happy camper, even AFTER you drive away When you find good business like this, you easily become a returning customer!

Next goal, get the hubby a new ride :. Hendrick Lexus as a life changer. Always had problems at the dealership but now, it's simple to get in and out with reliable service to my car and no worries following the visit.

Used lexus is 250 los angeles

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