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Choose the Northern route and you miss the Cadillac sculptures outside of Amarillo. In the end it comes down to a choice between the 70s era Kiss and everything else. Try to keep that in mind as you peruse this list and fail to see much post music. While there is plenty of great material during the latter era, this list is focusing on the dirty, distorted sounds of the New York City band that conquered the world in the s.

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She wants a rocket ride. The repetitive snare drum hits that lead into each chorus are obviously referencing some type of machine gun, which must be what the song is about. Written by Simmons, the lyrics seem to suggest, to the suggestible listener, that our hero, Dr. Shout it Out Loud would not only be their second Top 40 single, it would be their first one when it reached the top of the Canadian charts in May of Criss recorded the song without any of the other band members, accompanied by a piano and string orchestra, making this the only Kiss song with no instrumental performance by any member of the band.

A comedic film of the same name tells the story of four teenagers in a Kiss cover band trying to meet their heroes in person.

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This version of the song reached 12 on the Billboard Charts, making it their first top 20 hit, and went on to become the finale of every live Kiss performance ever since. VH-1 listed it as the 16th greatest hard rock song of all time in Their unbelievable theatrics and powerful stage presence might have been all they ever needed to achieve success but songs like these took them to a whole new level. Best Songs.

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Top 10 Kiss Songs