Tips for dating profile

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Writing a dating bio and coming up with funny profile descriptions can be a headache — but we've got ya!

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Find your winning formula. Writing a dating bio and coming up with funny profile descriptions is a minefield. Or you can blame the front-facing camera for making you look like PS1 Hagrid.

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But good bio ideas for dating app profiles are hard to come by. Take these dating profile tips and run with them!

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Writing a dating profile is always going to be a bit hit and miss. The best thing you can do is to try and show as much of your personality as possible. And if someone comes across your profile and they like your photos and your bio? People are on apps for lo of reasons.

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But this is so vague. But that half an inch? Any other measurements. You can be proud of it on your own. Are you a fan of Ariana Grande? Just be confident in your tastes and people will like you for it. Any strings of emojis. Unless your match is into hieroglyphics, they might struggle to figure out what your interests are.

Make a reference to your pictures. Get passionate. Seeing someone getting fired up about their hobbies is attractive.

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Play guitar? Sing about it. Make beats? Show them off.

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Won a battle royale game? Hijack any conversation to give a minute-by-minute recap of your victory, complete with gun noises and gifs of you jumping around into cover. Put some reviews on your profile. Get your friends to hype you up in your bio. Have a laugh at yourself. Talk about your best feature or secret talent. Have you got peng ears? Can you surf foot waves? Suits mean instant style.

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Here's what you need to know about how to properly wear a suit.

Tips for dating profile

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How to Develop an Awesome Online Dating Profile