Thailand ping pong ball show

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We document our authentic travel experiences and itineraries along with tunes to jam to along the way so you can plan your perfect adventures. Happy travels! We thought a ping pong show in Patpong would be just the thing to fit the bill.

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Picturing two humans on either side of a table with a net in the middle, paddles in hand? Well, this post is about to be a shocker. We theoretically knew what went down at ping pong shows. Despite fully knowing what a ping pong show was, we still went in very naive, and the experience ended up being super different from what we expected. Although it was actually a fun and hilarious night at the time, it was also strange, uncomfortable, and a shocking view into the reality of sex tourism in Southeast Asia.

A couple things to keep in mind:. RayRay on his bday celebration night in the back of a tuk-tuk on the way to the ping pong show.

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No idea what was in store for him then. However, as is the case in many countries, police corruption comes into play.

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Rooted in our experiences at Western strip clubs, we kind of pictured performers that were happy and having fun putting on a show for the audience, even though their specific talent is far from the norm. The reality was nothing of the sort. Promoters aggressively recruit drunken tourists off the street. The sight we walked into was this: several sad women half-heartedly dancing on poles looking exhausted, while one woman performed tricks on stage in quick succession with no transitions between and no semblance of happiness.

Theoretically, ping pong show performers have made the conscious choice to work in their profession and are doing so at will. However, the reality behind that choice can be far from simple in Thailand. Women, often under age and in precarious financial situations, are drawn in by the opportunity to make good money for their families by capitalizing on tourist demand for the sex trade. Oftentimes, ping pong show performers are engaging in prostitution as well.

Our experience left us thinking that even if these women are employed at will, their day to day existence appears miserable. And on top of that, we question if these women are really able to make their own choices if they wanted to leave the industry behind.

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Ok, let us break down exactly how our night went down to paint the full picture. The second we arrived in Patpong, promoters began trying to attract us into ping pong bars. We wanted to work up our liquid courage first, so we stopped at a bar with an outdoor patio for some beers and shots. We built up a resolve to drive a hard bargain with the promoters to avoid paying a large entry fee. After several rounds of drinks, we finally felt ready.

We wandered back to the main street and talked with the first promoter who came our way. It quickly became clear that things were getting suspicious, and we needed to get out of there, so we asked for our check. Instead of just bringing a bill to our table like a normal bar, we were summoned to the back of the bar to meet with this older, madam-looking woman. She pulled out a calculator and made a big show of the whole thing. Luckily, we were drunk and thought the whole situation was hilarious at the time. The best part The second best part We could have easily pushed past them and left at any moment had we wanted to.

We were feeling festive that night and in the mood to get into some weird shit, so this whole situation was right up our alley. Has anyone had a Thai ping pong show experience that was similar, or totally different? Comment here or on our latest IG post.

Central America. United States. Hey there! May Samantha Argos. So, what is a ping pong show? Ping pong shows in Thailand are actually illegal under obscenity legislation. This was probably our biggest misconception going in.

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Thailand ping pong ball show

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Should You Go To A Ping Pong Show in Thailand?