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Originating in ancient China, the practice of tai chi is one of the most effective ways to improve the health of both mind and body simultaneously. The goal of meditation is to become mindful of the power of clearing your mind and living in a more positive present. Aside from being an unparalleled system of health improvement, tai chi is also a martial art complete with self-defense principles and techniques.

By avoiding the use of force against force, for instance, students of tai chi learn to control bigger and stronger opponents by using leverage and proper timing instead of brute force. Why not experience the many benefits of tai chi for yourself by trying a free week of classes at any of our nine San Diego County or Temecula locations.

Learn more about the history of tai chi. Tai Chi as Martial Art Aside from being an unparalleled system of health improvement, tai chi is also a martial art complete with self-defense principles and techniques. Get Started. Explore What We Teach. Learn More.

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What our students are saying about White dragon Schools. I was stepping way out of my box when I ed, I would have never thought I would be doing something like this, and not only doing it but loving it as well. It has taught me that no one else is going to make me better at something then myself.

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Sherry C. The core values that are instilled in every member translate to the rest of life. As a member since the age of seven, I've attended White Dragon for over half of my life. While much has changed, including the friends, students —. Garrett L. All the instructors are friendly and helpful. I have seen a huge difference in the confidence level of myself and my children since beginning lessons at White Dragon.

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My youngest daughter used to never leave my leg, she was painfully shy. Silver F. I've been attending White Dragon's Encinitas school for many years now and have loved it from the beginning. Jason C. Ever since I enrolled my older son in classes here inwe have been impressed over and over again by every aspect of this school. When my son first expressed an interest in martial arts, I took him to check out every school in San Marcos and we chose White Dragon —. Jessica A. The training is fantastic because you get your own instructor teaching you one-on-one —. Andi D. I went in thinking I would learn Tai Chi, but I learned a lot more than that.

I learned history, form, posture, respect, self-defense and confidence. Stephanie R. This school not only teaches him self defense, but it also empowers him to be a stronger individual and team player. Corinna W. Dan T. Tai chi training at White Dragon, was the best gift my husband and I gave ourselves the year we turned He wanted to study for the meditative aspects; I wanted some physical activity after years of none.

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We had no goals and no expectations. Alice S. I've been attending White Dragon for about six months, and it's been a fantastic experience. All the instructors are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, the classes are fun and a great workout —. Will J. The teachers are great, and the classes are well taught.

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He is almost a purple sash and can't wait to be a black belt! I started him at this school at 6 years old because he was so hyper Pat B. Jacob H. There is a diversity of ages and capabilities which makes training there a lot less intimidating. Instruction can be adapted based on individual goals, strengths and areas of needed improvement.

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Kelly B Student. Get Directions. La Mesa, CA San Diego, CA

Tai chi san diego free

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