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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Black carbon is a solid particle or aerosol, not a gas, but it also contributes to warming of the atmosphere. Learn more about black carbon and climate change on our Causes of Climate Change. Global greenhouse gas emissions can also be broken down by the economic activities that lead to their production. Emissions of non-CO 2 greenhouse gases have also increased ificantly since These data include CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion, as well as cement manufacturing and gas flaring.

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Together, these sources represent a large proportion of total global CO 2 emissions. Emissions and sinks related to changes in land use are not included in these estimates. IPCC Climate Change Mitigation of Climate Change. Pichs-Madruga, Y. Sokona, E. Farahani, S. Kadner, K. Seyboth, A. Adler, I. Baum, S. Brunner, P. Eickemeier, B. Kriemann, J. Savolainen, S. Zwickel and J. Minx eds.

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FAO Pachauri and L. Meyer eds. In this report, some of the sector are defined differently from how they are defined in the Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions on this website. Transportation, Industry, Agriculture, and Land Use and Forestry are four global emission sectors that roughly correspond to the U. For example, the IPCC's Energy Supply sector for global emissions encompasses the burning of fossil fuel for heat and energy across all sectors.

In contrast, the U. Sources discussion tracks emissions from the electric power separately and attributes on-site emissions for heat and power to their respective sectors i. Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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. Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data. to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem.

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Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data