Signs your girlfriend is crazy

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Okay, we have to admit, girls are a bit weird. But how to make sure you are not dating a clingy or even a crazy girl? There are several s of help that you can make a difference between the "crazy" girl and those insane. Now, sit back and carefully read these s that may or may not show that you are dating a psycho girl. Enjoy and good luck! A post shared by illiara deathandbutterflies on Jan 29, at pm PST. You met a girl, you liked her, and you started seeing each other. At the beginning of every relationship, it is normal for two to make phone calls to each other several times a day and to exchange hundreds of messages.

However, there must be a difference between a loving and a crazy girl. A crazy girl will call you several times a day just to check where you are and what is most important, with who. Looks for any, even the dumbest reason to talk to you. She will be pissed if you do not respond to the message within two seconds. Such a person is not aware that you have a life outside of your relationship, that you have to work, go to school, etc.

Your girl is just clingy, and she ignores any reasonable excuse for not answering. This is the first that you are dealing with a psychotic person and you need to be very careful. Jealousy is desirable in a relationship, in a moderate and reasonable amount. But there is a boundary indicating when a bit of doubt turns into an obsession. So, you are dealing with a psycho if she complains why you talked to a cashier, or with a post office worker.

Oh, God, did you just smile at that employee in Mc Donalds? The insane girl sees a potential rival in every female person, and her effort is to make it clear to you. That's not normal, and it's obvious that something is wrong with your girlfriend. The clear you have a crazy girlfriend is when she is jealous of every woman near you who is not your mother, grandmother, or sister. It's okay when you put a "like" on each other's pictures or posts on social networks.

But when you get the question "you were online, why didn't you text me? This is closely related to the first one we mentioned, and it is a warning that you are dealing with a very possessive person. It may happen that you see her secretly scrolling through your social media looking for some clue of you cheating on her or something like that. Crazy girls do that. She is way too obsessed with you and you need to get the hell out of this relationship as soon as possible.

This is a sure that your girlfriend has some psychotic issues. Is it really possible that you "accidentally" run into her every time you go out with your friends? If you notice that she appears when you least hope to see her, be sure she's stalking you. Especially if she hasn't texted you for a while.

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Your crazy girlfriend thinks that you are doing "God knows what," so she decided to check you out in real life. It can happen you meet her in a coffee shop by chance, and she approaches your table with no shame. Of course, you will be polite and invite her to you. And she will not refuse that. That's what clingy people do; if you are dealing with a clingy psycho girl, you can expect the unexpected.

Closeness between two people creates conflict. In a healthy relationship, fights are inevitable, even useful. Perhaps, if these argues are constructive, and create a solution to the problem. However, there are people who simply love to fight for no specific reason. When your girlfriend is initiating unnecessary discussion, or she is yelling at you for every little thing, you should not consider being in that kind of a relationship. It is a characteristic of clingy people to be tense and to initiate fights. We all sometimes lie, and often we are not aware of it. These are mostly small, benign lies that cannot hurt anyone.

If your girlfriend lies to you often, without a particular reason, it can be a that you are dealing with a psycho.

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It's not normal that people lie all the time. One lie creates another, and so it arrives at a vicious cycle from which it is hard to get out of. A crazy girl can fool you about anything to keep you - that she is sick, has problems in her family, at work, at school, etc.

Do not let her emotionally blackmail you. You are dating maybe for about 2 months. Every reasonable girl would enjoy some passion at the beginning of a new relationship. And how about the crazy one?

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She makes plans for your common future, thinking about the list of wedding guests and considering potential names for your children. Wow, slow down girl! When your girlfriend reveals to you her plans for you two, try to get her on the ground a bit. If she forgets about this, at least for a while, your relationship may have a future. However, if your girlfriend continues with such statements and you two know each other for like two months, run for your life! Have you ever heard your girl laughing like a "psycho"? Is that freaking you out?

If she is laughing like a weirdo every single time you say something even though it is not meant to be funny, let me tell you something, she is so crazy man. Her laugh makes you feel so uncomfortable and makes the situation even weirder. And when your girlfriend is laughing, it is so loud and it sounds so evil following the weirdest facial expressions. Save yourself. This "symptom" is closely related to s "one" and "four" we have already described.

A clingy girlfriend wants to be with you all the time. When you do not answer her, she will come to your house. If you are not home, she wouldn't mind to sit and have a cup of coffee with your mom or sister. Okay, this behavior is maybe acceptable if you two have been together for a long time, and she met your family. However, if your relationship is still "fresh", and she comes to your house uninvited, ask yourself what kind of person you are dealing with.

There is a time when some things should happen in every relationship. For the first couple of months, you two are getting to know each other better and learning about each other. Familiarizing yourselves with the parents is a logical step in every serious relationship. However, this should happen later. If your girlfriend insists on getting to know your family immediately after getting to know you, and you're still not sure if that will be a serious relationship or not, it's a sure that she is trying to get close to you in every way.

It is not uncommon for crazy girls to stay in friendly relations with moms of their exes. And that's a little weird. Oh boy, let's talk about this. It may happen that she acts like your mom from time to time but if she does this every single day, you can have a serious problem with her. You are a grown and independent man who needs no mom anymore to have some kind of a control in his life.

And your girlfriend should be aware of that. If she is always complaining about small stuff that you do, that means she wants stuff to be her way and nothing else. Sometimes she can be overprotective or way too annoying. Surprise, it's her. If she's calling you to ask you things like "where are you", "who are you with", "what are you doing" or "when will you come back home", that is a clear that she's a control freak.

That is what moms do, not girlfriends. Oh my god. If you are always being blamed for something she has done or being yelled at for no reason, your girl is passive-aggressive my friend. When she is mad and you ask her why she is mad, you get a silent answer and that is it.

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When you ask her to do reasonable request she will say that she cannot do that and make hundreds of excuses for why she cannot do that and blah blah. Also, if she is being sarcastic way too often, thinking that it is funny, oh boy, go and save yourself. You do not need to be anywhere near her. Yes, you may have heard this from your girlfriends.

They will say this whenever they feel like you do not pay enough attention to them. They will try any sort of tricks to get your love and attention. A crazy girlfriend will ask you if you love her every single day, just to make sure you will not walk away from her. Because she is so desperate for your love.

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It may happen that she will often be lying about some serious stuff, like pregnancy, just to keep you close to her. You guys definitely have to take care of this type of girls. A post shared by Cute couples!! If you agree on meeting her friends for the first time, you do not have to worry about introducing yourself, they already know everything about you.

That is, of course, because of your girlfriend. It is okay for her friends to know something about you but sharing all of your secrets is a bit weird, don't you agree? In the end, you are not in a relationship with her friends. It is weird for her friends to know everything about you but you actually do not know any single thing about them.

It all gets in her head and she starts thinking how you were desperate before you met her. Hold on for a minute. No reasonable human being would have said this. A crazy girlfriend will act like she is the only woman you have ever had and the only woman you will ever have. It's always unpleasant to mention the exes in your new relationship. However, no one can deny that they existed and that, at some point in your life, you were happy with them. Maybe you have nice memories of the relationships, but it does not mean that you still have feelings for the person you've been with for a long time.

Crazy girl, as we already said, sees a potential threat in every female person.

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She thinks that every ex-girlfriend is eager to return to you and that every one of them wants to be with you again. Photos of the two of you, the gifts you received from your exes or any common memory - when you are in a relationship with a psychotic person, she will ask you to throw it all away.

A crazy girl snaps out of the blue without any reasonable explanation. She has mood swings even though she is not on her period, her rage grows every single day. And you are the one who has to suffer all of that with your crazy girlfriend. One day she will be happy, and everything will be alright but the very next day, she will be throwing stuff at you and yelling for no reason. If that is not a of a crazy psycho girl then you are living a lie.

Signs your girlfriend is crazy

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20 s Your Girlfriend Is Actually Crazy And Maybe Even Insane