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Her condition deteriorated and she passed on September 25, Officer Foreman had a total of 39 years of service as a state of Texas employee. She worked at the Rusk State Hospital for 23 years. She retired on July 31,from the Skyview Unit and was rehired on March 10, Foreman was loved by her family at TDCJ.

She was often ased to the Skyview 4 Building Desk and would greet each visitor with a smile and a warm welcome. His condition worsened over the following days.

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He was hospitalized on September 11,due to complications attributed to the virus. His condition deteriorated and he passed eleven days later. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice regrets to inform you of the death of five inmates connected to the coronavirus.

Final autopsy indicate that in addition to pre-existing medical conditions, COVID was the immediate cause of his death. He had served nine years on an year sentence out of Harris County. He was transported from the Estelle Unit on November 18, He had served 11 years on multiple life sentences out of Smith County. He was transported from the Rudd Unit in Brownfield on November 16, He had served 12 years on a year sentence out of Grayson County.

He was transported from the Clements Unit on November 7, He had served nine years on a year sentence out of Bexar County. He was transported from the Beto Unit on November 24, He had served 24 years on a year sentence out of Harris County. Of those tested, 37, inmates and 13, staff have tested positive for COVID in both symptomatic and asymptomatic testing. There have been 34, inmates and 12, employees who have recovered.

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Bennett, a clerk in Inmate Records at the Alfred D. Hughes Unit, died on September 17, Her condition began to deteriorate on September 16 and she passed on the following day. She returned to the agency in her current position at the Hughes Unit on June 28, Lacy has a year-old son and a year-old daughter who were her entire life.

She enjoyed crafting, traveling, cooking, fishing, and being with her friends. He went to an urgent care facility on September 7,and was then transported to Baylor St. Ollen had 10 years of service with the agency. Ollen was engaged to Holly Cook. Ollen ensured that he did everything he could to help the agency. Hodge Unit Senior Warden Larry Berger said Watson was an asset and was well-respected by his supervisors and co-workers. Sergeant Hammond began displaying symptoms of the virus on September 1,and tested positive on September 2, He passed in the early morning hours on September 13, He enjoyed traveling with his family and he had a passion for the outdoors and sports.

Sergeant Hammond is survived by his wife and two daughters. Unfortunately, his condition declined and he passed on September 13, He dedicated over a decade of his life to serving the TDCJ, and we are grateful for his service. Officer Rodriguez began her service with the agency in and left in She was reemployed by the agency on June 1, She had a passion for her work that she openly shared with others. Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. His first three years were as a correctional officer and his last seven years were in the Food Services Department.

He was discharged on August 24,in good health. On September 3,he was re-admitted to the hospital and was reported to be in stable condition, receiving oxygen to help with his breathing, and was showing s of improvement. On September 9,prison administrators were notified that his condition had worsened overnight. He was put on a ventilator and died during the night.

Whitley-Turner spent most of his adult life serving the agency, and will be sincerely missed by his friends and co-workers. Our prayers are with his family. Officer Skeens was a year employee of the agency who had worked in many positions. He retired from the agency on November 30,and returned to employment on January 21, Hughes Unit.

He liked everyone and everyone liked him. Officer Skeens mentored many employees during his career, and made many friends within the agency. He was a dedicated employee, and his friendly demeanor attracted people to him. He loved Chevrolet Corvettes, and had two at the time of his death. He was also planning on marrying his longtime girlfriend in the near future. He was a loving father and loved his grandchildren even more. He not only served, but shared his knowledge of the agency with others.

He ly worked in the Nacogdoches District Parole Office. Officer Prymus will be remembered fondly by all who knew him. He was willing to help anyone in need at any time. His smile always lit up the room and he had a positive presence on everyone in the office.

He truly enjoyed working for the agency. When not on the job, he enjoyed spending time with his wife, La Mia, and their 3-year-old daughter, Violet. Huey was also an avid fan of the New Orleans Saints. Allred Unit in Iowa Park. Sadly, he passed away on September 3, Those that knew Officer Antones remember his great sense of humor.

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His TDCJ supervisors and co-workers said that his humor helped uplift other employees and that he always completed his duties with integrity and fairness. Officer Antones is survived by his wife, Christy, and three adult children, Robert, Angel, and Harmony. Courage, Commitment.

TDCJ is a family and we mourn together. She was a hard worker and always looked to the positive. The thoughts and prayers of the TDCJ family go out to her family now. She will be truly missed. Olivares died later that night. We hold the Olivares family and his three children in our prayers today.

Joe will always be missed and remembered. He was a team player, hard worker and always had something positive to say. He was well thought of and respected by everyone on the unit. He will be greatly missed by all. On August 5,she was moved into intensive care and Mrs. Jefferson passed away on August 17, She had a heart of gold and would do anything for someone in need.

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The TDCJ family mourns with her husband and two children. V will always be remembered. Many times, the requests were urgent and would seem impossible to get done, but to VaShunna nothing was impossible. This agency will not be the same without her, I just hope we can keep her memory alive and follow in her footsteps to be the type of person she was to so many. Poindexter passed away in the early morning hours of August 17, Whitney Poindexter will never be forgotten.

He was hospitalized and died on July 25, Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Karen and three children. He carried out his duties with the determination and dedication of a true correctional professional. Officer Giorgi's absence will be felt on many facilities, but we will always remember his smile and his infectious laugh. He will be greatly missed. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice regrets to inform you of the death of three inmates connected to the coronavirus.

He had served 25 years on a life sentence out of Harris County. He was transported from the Smith Unit in Lamesa on January 7, He had served over 2 years on a year sentence out of Chambers County. He was transported from the Rudd Unit in Brownfield on November 15, He had served over 17 years on an year sentence out of El Paso County.

Of those tested, 34, inmates and 11, staff have tested positive for COVID in both symptomatic and asymptomatic testing. There have been 33, inmates and 11, employees who have recovered.

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