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Unrepentant, a new book by Peter Edwards, tells the story of Campbell—now in his 60s—from his violent upbringing and hard-partying ways, to a relentless dedication to the biker lifestyle. Boy Scouts get merit patches for knot tyingsemaphore and other crafts. To make it official, the event had to be witnessed by a club member, much like the Guinness Book of Records needs an official spotter before recording an achievement in its books. I never saw anybody wear a purple patch. Nobody in Canada ever did. There was a white patch for sex with a virgin. I never saw that either.

When it came to their treatment of women, Campbell was actually disgusted at the conduct of some clubmates back in the s and s.

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He remains troubled by the memory of how young girls would show up at biker clubhouses as if expecting some sort of protection. If a girl looked too young, Campbell says he would give her a stern fatherly lecture. Plenty of women willingly arrived at biker clubhouses, eager to party with the bad boys. One of the wilder biker parties of the s was in the apartment of an Oshawa woman who had a framed eight-by-ten photo of her father on top of the television in the living room. What made the photo stand out was that her father was wearing a police uniform.

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It might break another man to listen to his daughter in mid-orgy with a biker gang while flanked by his peers. What would the other cops think? Holy cow! Think moral. Did his wife know?

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Campbell had an extremely low sperm count because of a case of mumps he contracted aswhich made him doubt several claims that he made women pregnant in these late-night romps. I just smiled at them.

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I asked him why he does it. Rescued from bankruptcy in the Great Depression by local notables, it was still grand enough that Queen Elizabeth, the consort of George VIstayed there for a night in Over time, however, furnishings were stripped and the once stately Chicago Style, art deco—influenced hotel was converted into a rooming house while the basement became a low-end strip club. It was clearly a ruse deed to impress a pair of nearby women.

Smutley wanted to hit them right off the bat. I had had enough. She was of elfish stature, standing barely over five feet and weighing a little over a hundred pounds. Her name was Daryle Noreen Newstead, and she loved having the same first name albeit with a different spelling as hockey star and Toronto Maple Leafs captain Darryl Sittler. Daryle would sometimes find other women for group sex with Campbell and Smutley.

Despite the adventuresome sex, Smutley eventually grew tired of Daryle and dumped her. On the rebound, she travelled to northern Ontario and hooked up with a man named Darryl Gerald Dollan, who at twenty-eight was three years older than her. Around four in the morning of November 18,Ontario Provincial Police constable Phillip Duffield noticed only one headlight shining from a maroon Datsun station wagon on Highway 17 near the hamlet of Thessalon, between the northern Ontario cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Duffield, who had been a cop for only fourteen months, pulled it over on a dark, lonely stretch of road.

The first blast caught Duffield in the left arm, while the second somehow missed him altogether. Duffield was able to squeeze off a shot from his service revolver before he radioed in to his dispatcher that he had been hit. It belonged to the Kehoes, a retired couple brimming with small-town goodwill, who never hesitated to open their door to anyone in need.

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Her mood shifted from hospitable and concerned to terrified when she saw the shotgun. She fled to their bed- room. Shotgun pellets ripped through the bedroom door, wounding her and knocking her year-old husband, Robert, to the floor. Dollan and Newstead tied Phyllis and Robert Kehoe together. The grandson freed himself and ran more than a mile to their closest neighbours.

It was around this time that Dollan and Newstead were pulled over at a nearby OPP roadblock and arrested.

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By that time, Robert Kehoe was dead. Dollan had lived in fifty-two foster homes in Alberta before his tenth birthday, and had been diagnosed as suffering from a personality disorder with antisocial, depressive and schizoid features. Eight years after their trial, Newstead was back in the news.

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That made her the first woman in Canada and the first inmate in an Ontario prison to earn an entire degree behind bars. Her area of study was Buddhism, which encourages followers to lead moral lives and to be aware of their thoughts and actions. Charmaine had dropped out of school, but always managed to find a job.

She had gone out with [club member] Larry Hurren and I asked him if I could have her. I saw that she was fun to be around. After we had gone out a few times, I told her she was a breath of fresh air compared to the girls I had been with up until then. Campbell recalls with pride an evening with Charmaine and a friend and his date. The other woman clearly looked down her nose at Campbell and Charmaine. The conversation was already more than a little strained when the topic shifted to fantasies. His book Unrepentant was published in April View the discussion thread.

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Real biker women that like sex

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