Rate how attractive i am

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we all know that's only true to some extent. There isn't a soul that would say that Emma Watson or George Clooney wasn't attractive. They just are, and you don't even have to like them! There are a few things that science has proven to be attractive, and we've gathered them all. Just so you can figure out of the world sees you as a perfect 10, or less than mediocre.

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The most important thing here is to be honest because there's not point in taking a self-improvement quiz if you are going to lie. Yes, self-improvement because we aren't just going to tell you where you stand, but how to reach that ten. Or at least get a lot closer. Do you think that celebrities don't change, that they don't do little things or big things to reach that ten? The truth is, we all do, and after taking this quiz, you'll know where you stand, but also, what you can do to become your very own Chris Hemsworth or Natalie Portman! All we ask is for your honestly, and we'll give you your answers.

The answers that you can't trust anyone else to give you! Be brave They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but according to you, people are either attractive or not. It's pretty simple since it's so easy to judge yourself. In your eyes, do you see yourself as someone good looking?

Time to eat! You are being taken out to a four-star restaurant, and you can choose anything you want. These are the four delicious things on the menu, and all look very appetizing, so it's up to you what you get.

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What will you eat? Your date decided you deserve a dessert, and you can pick anything on the menu. You scan over the menu and have it down to just a few desserts and they are look amazing! Regardless of price, what dessert is most appealing to you?

Babies are cute, puppies are cute! But what about other animals? Most will say that all animals are adorable, but you have to pick one. Out of these choices, which animal is the cutest after it's born? We should always strive to learn new things. Whether it be to paint or to like doing the dishes. Learning is the key to becoming more of who we are meant to be.

You either learn or regress. Which of these talents do you wish you had or already have? While you may have many great features, science says that there are features that trump others. It's been proven many times before. People are attracted to certain features without even knowing it. Which of these is your strongest? While physical does matter, non-physical matters just as much. For long-term relationships, it's necessary to share these. If you had to say which of these is naturally your strongest suit, which would it be? Believe it or not, having friends or not is a of attractiveness.

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But let's be really honest here. How are you doing in the friend area of your life? About how many do you tend to keep? We're not exactly talking about talent here, but rating these men as a person. Leaving their physical attractiveness aside, we can rate them as a man or a woman. Which of these men would you just love to hang out with? Let's say that you are spending the night with a very good friend, or even lover. You have a few hours to talk about anything you want.

What topic of conversation is your mind really wanting to discuss? If you do not, let us know how much time and attention that you would devote to one if you had one. This is about a movie that you watch alone because you admire the love of the two main characters. This isn't about the movie itself, but rather the love portrayed. Which movie had the best portrayal of love that you've ever seen? We're outlawing fake smiles here as we want to know how often you really, really smile. It can be when someone tells a joke, when you see something that endears you, or just because you like to smile!

How often would you say you actually smile? Get your passport ready because we're going on an adventure! And you get to pick anywhere in the world to travel. The best part is that we're paying. Which of these travel destination plans sounds the best to you? Most people like at least one kind of dog. Surely you are no different. They are cute, loyal, and keep you company.

If you had to pick one of these dogs to care for or even own, which one would you choose? We all love to talk about what we love! When you meet new people and tell them what you enjoy, they seem to react the same every time.

What do your interests usually do to other people? When we talk to other people, our hands seem to have a mind of their own. Sometimes they lay there at our sides and sometimes they tell stories. In general, when you are standing and talking to someone, what happens to your hands? It's Saturday afternoon and you are off work. You are currently alone or with family, but there's a chance someone may stop by later since you are off. But right now, you're just chilling, and what are you wearing? You haven't been together long, but it's been enough time that you're official and you know that they are probably getting you something on your birthday.

That is, if you're still together then. Now's the time to make your birthday impression. What do you get?

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Showering is an important thing to do, no matter what your career is. It fights off diseases and the common cold. But just how often is it important to shower? How often do you usually shower when you don't get tangibly dirty? This varies with each person, so let's try to answer depending on your age and circumstances. Average is average according to age, where you live, and the ratio of men to women.

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With this in mind, how many lovers have you had in your life? According to studies, the colors you wear say a lot about you. Most people who are only allowed to pick one color for the rest of their life will pick something neutral. So let's not do that. If you could say one color that you actually enjoy wearing the most, which one would it be? Let's face it, we all like to eat, but being able to cook may or may not be as important as you think it is. A lot of people can learn to cook from the Food Network, while some just don't have a knack.

So let's be honest here We all have varying intelligence and varying grades. Some of us were straight A students who did our best to pass our classes. But others flunked out and really didn't give a care in the world. Then of course, the in-betweeners whose destinies were already set. Where did you stand? Seems like a silly question, but it's important. Hold up your hand with your fingers touching or lay it down on a desk.

Now look at your index pointer and your ring finger on your hand. Is your ring finger shorter than your index finger? Honestly, it's not a hard question. When it comes to infections, strep, colds, and the flu, we all have different immune systems.

You might have ups and downs but on average, how often do you think you get sick each year? Or handsome or beautiful. Any compliment on physical appearance that wasn't from a best friend, mother, or lover. Be honest once again, the law never has to find out. Your habits will attract certain people and it's crucial that we know which habits you keep. This is an ongoing topic. Someone makes you mad because they say something that you disagree with. When this happens, you have a choice to make. What are you actually going to do? Not what you think you should do. While we know your most attractive feature, now we need to know what you think is attractive.

Most people have regular appointments with the beautician. Sometimes it's once every six weeks while other times it's once a year. Only few obsess over it. Where do you stand when it comes to hair appointments? It's hard to compliment someone that looks good if you don't feel good about yourself. If a friend but not your bff came to your house looking really good, what would you do about it? Which of these phrases sounds the most like you?

A courtesy laugh is the act of laughing at someone's joke even though you know it isn't funny. It can be considered fake by some, while polite by others. If someone is trying to be funny, do you always laugh? We aren't talking about attractive right now, but rather in every day life, how confident are you about your decisions and abilities? For example, in a room full of people, are you okay with being pointed out and asked a question? Remember,

Rate how attractive i am

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