Pot brownies vs smoking weed

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Edibles take longer to kick in than smoked cannabis — one reason why people sometimes take too much by accident. The effects also last longer. But there are chemical reasons why the high is often experienced differently, a B. One reason, he says, is that when the digestive system deals with it, the liver turns the THC into a somewhat different chemical, hydroxy THC.

The other way in which edibles differ from dried flower is that the process of extracting the THC for edibles destroys the terpenes. Terpenes are the chemicals that make one strain of cannabis smell like lemons and another like diesel fuel. Science is so far silent on whether these effects are real. As with many aspects of cannabis, prohibition has made it hard to study. However, grey-market edibles, with varying potency, have been available.

One would test much hotter than the other. I asked if she knew how strong it was- you'll never guess — MG!! A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers published in December found that vaping dry flower had more powerful effects on inexperienced users than traditional smoking. Lee attributes this in part to the fact that less THC is wasted in a vape device than with smoking.

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As well, the different temperatures on the device will deliver different psychoactive effects. The terpenes become volatile at lower boiling points. World Canada Local. Full Menu Search Menu. Close Local your local region National. Search Submit search Quick Search. Comments Close comments menu. Video link. Close X.

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