Photograph you for the web

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This post was last updated on January 28, Despite their popularity, social media platforms are far from the best way to showcase your work online. Creating a photography website will enable you to display your pictures exactly the way you want, with no limits when it comes to size, quality or de.

Plus, it will help you reach a wider audience and draw the attention of new clients. From the inspirational stages to developing and publishing your photography website, this guide will take you through the entire process step-by-step. Here are the steps you need to create a photography website that represents your own unique style and impresses your visitors:. Set clear goals. Include your best photographs. Create your layout. Choose the perfect template. Add the right s. Connect to your social channels. Optimize for mobile viewing. Ask for feedback.

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Keep your site updated. Like any good photographer, make sure to set your focus on clear goals before creating this online masterpiece. When opening your website builderask yourself what you want to achieve by creating a photography website. Are you aiming to attract more clients? Display your latest photography projects? A bit of both? Typically, photographers will use the same website to display the different types of photography they work with. Be sure to create multiple galleries, one for each category displayed: weddings, portrait photographystreet captures, etc.

Hit us with your best shots. On the contrary: your professional photographer website is meant to display only your best, most representative pieces from each category. In a nutshell, always pick quality over quantity. Our recommendation: go for a maximum of 20 to 30 pictures per gallery.

The layout is the visual structure of your site. The first way to do this is by going for a refined color schemewith a minimal amount of hues. Second, consider the type of display you want to use. It should fit the dominant format of your pictures: long scrolling if you take a lot of vertical photos like portraitsand grids for horizontal ones. To help you out, take a look at this guide on choosing the right layout for your photography portfolio.

Professionally-deed photography website templates give you the chance to have a beautiful portfolio ready in no time. These templates are free and are entirely customizable — from the header to the footer — so that your website will tell your story from your own unique perspective. Even if you plan to create a photography website from scratch, browsing through the best photography website templates for inspiration is a good idea.

Looking at the online presentation other photographers use is a great way to find new ideas for displaying your work. Of course, you can adjust your plan at any moment with the Wix Editor, but try to be as detailed as possible from the start to give your website a strong foundation. Instead, focus on these must-haves:. Home This is where you present yourself and what you do. The most common mistake photographers make here is to not include written content.

For example, if you display a beautiful landscape image on your home, use words to make it clear that this is a website for a photography, and not that of a travel agency or blogger. For more tips, here is how to nail the home of your photography website. Gallery This is the core of your website, where visitors will discover your images.

We recommend the Wix Pro Gallery because it gives you full control over your pictures and the way you want to showcase them. Plus, you can choose from a collection of stunning layouts Instagram-like grid, panorama, etc.

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In addition, the Pro Gallery comes with several options to enhance and promote your photos. You can protect them from being downloaded right-click protection or add a sharing button to spread your talent across social channels. The Gallery also gives you the possibility to videos and text, adding greater variety to your final result.

Your visitors will be much more interested in your philosophy of art and life, your technique, and where you draw inspiration from. Favor the first-person over the third — it makes things more intimate, and readers will be more inclined to contact you. Showing who you are and amplifying your personal brand is an absolute must when you create a photography website. Client showcase Like most photographers, you probably do a lot of commission work. Wix Photo Albums is the best and easiest tool for that. This free app enables you to create stand-alone album sites for each of your customers.

Contact information Make sure potential clients can get in touch with you by providing your basic contact information. A contact form is a great addition that you might consider, since it will allow visitors to send you a message directly through your website. Another brilliant idea is to add Wix Bookings. This helpful app has already made the life of thousands of small business owners much easier.

As a bonus, you can also let them book and pay online. No more phone calls or s to answer — your hands are free to do what you do best: take beautiful pictures.

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Extras but highly recommended. Although optional, these s can serve your photography website well:. Blog : Tell visitors more about your projects, techniques and news. What gear did you use? How were you feeling when you took the shot? Where was the picture taken? Online store : Go a step further and make money from your photographs with an online store. Sell photos online straight from your own photography website with the Wix Art Storewhich allows you to manage your orders in one place.

Testimonials : Display the positive comments left by your happy clients. Let testimonials do the talking for you. Show visitors to your site just how social you can be by enabling them to share your content on Instagram and other social media channels. With more than million daily users on Instagram alone, social media is the easiest and cheapest way to get your name out there and to attract new clients. First, make sure a social bar is clearly visible on your site, with a link to all of your profiles. Next, enable the sharing option in the Pro Gallery.

Be as sincere as you can, and avoid artificial information and keywords. Alt text descriptions will help your pictures to be found more easily in Google Images, where the competition is less harsh than on the main search. Are your images descriptions all set? Find out the next steps you can take with our complete SEO guide for photographers. Smartphones and tablets are taking over. Inover half of all online traffic came from mobile devices. Thus, one of the major challenges photographers face when it comes to their online portfolio is ensuring that it will be easily seen on small screens.

The Wix Pro Gallery will instantly adapt images to any screen. As for the other elements of your website, the Wix Editor lets you make your photography website mobile friendly in a few minutes by simply dragging and dropping your elements. Before you publish, call your best friend. Not to discuss your feelings on the latest Star Wars movie, but to ask for an outside opinion on your freshly deed photography website. Be sure to update your website regularly to keep your content fresh. In order to keep your fans engaged, be sure that they regularly see new images on your site.

Luckily, Wix makes it super intuitive for you to your pictures from your desktop. You can also use the Instagram Feed appwhich will automatically update your Instagram pictures straight on your website. By Jonathan Sitbon.

Editor-in-Chief of the Wix Blogs. Jan How to Create a Photography Website in 10 Steps.

Photograph you for the web

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