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Pen Pal Ad. Preferably Ireland or UK. Female only, replies from men will be deleted immediately. Last modified: PenpalsNow! Hobbies: Arguing with people online,Talking,Drinking, being amazing. I speak fluent scarcasm and in all honesty, I will go all Dublin on yer arse if you are yet another Nigerian looking for money, last fella who tried scamming is still wishing he never ed me.

No married men, no gob shites looking for money, and I have to say it Please if you are from the USA, no mind numbing dribble about how you are of Irish heritage So if you are not put off I would love to hear from you with more than a hey you.

Life is short. I work in healthcare so know exactly how fleeting it is. I dont think we can or should be defined by or limited to the type or of relationships we have. We are all individuals and need what we need to make ourself tick properly.

I see people post that they dont want contact from older people. Wait until you are my age, which is 52, and you realise that you are 17, 18, 21 or whatever age you matured at cognitively, but unfortunately look very different to how you feel mentally! Older people are teenagers with experience! I was into metal at 14 and still am. Have an open mind. Older people aren't dead people!

While the environment is different the stress, the anxiety, the indecision is the same. What I didnt appreciate at the time was how much I costed as a teenager! As a parent I bloody well do! Very happy to complain about that! I have been in all sorts of relationships and done a lot of stuff so I am very open minded as to what this might turn out like and what relationship might develop.

I'm happy with any type of relationship and am out of practice with regard to the less vanilla ones but very happy to jump back in. I'm not out to change anyone's status, this is just something I need to be me. I am very non-judgemental - you may have guessed that - have a dark sense of humour and will talk about anything. Yes, I am pro vaccine but if your're not, that's ok as long as that's not all you talk about.

Just felt I should mention that. only please. My writing is so bad even I cant read it afterwards! Not even joking. It goes without saying that discretion and confidentiality is assured. I am old school in that my word is my word. Its a pity that nowadays I feel I need to say that. If any of the above strikes a chord, dont be shy, even if its just a question. Cian Last modified: PenpalsNow! I can't hand write letters, so s only please, and make sure you address me by my name, describe yourself, and what we share in common interests, as I'm sick and tired of generic letters that can be sent to numerous people at once.

I've had a hard life, but stayed positive and smiling all the way, learning from mistakes and more along the way, and cannot tolerate people who are constantly negative. Animals love me, and show their interest in me daily, but my heart belongs to my cats it seems :- I'm open to a relationship, but I have standards that most women can't meet, due to what I find attractive and what turns me off, so don't expect me to be "normal" in any way, shape or form when compared to other men my age.

Again, s only, single women only, and NO financial talk whatsoever. Hobbies: Reading and writing, some crafting, TV comedy, crime fiction, sports cinema socialising. There are a lot of scammers using photos of US military personnel and because of this I won't be replying to any s from the US military personnel. Apart from the fact that I don't have any money to share with anyone else scammers are wasting their time targeting me. Other than that if there are any genuine people out there I'd be happy to chat with if we were to click.

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Females only please!! Should have mentioned I have no interest in religion. I respect other people's beliefs but any thing mentioned about religion or god I just ignore. All Rights Reserved. Select male female. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls. Helena St. Displaying 1 - 5 PenpalsNow! Name: Penny. Last modified: Name: Valerie M. Name: Cian D. Cian Last modified: Name: Paul T. Name: D O.

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