Penis size ideal

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And yet, here we are, fresh off yet another new study that, once again, claims to have identified the ideal dick size. According to the studyreleased last week by dating site Big One — the well-endowed counterpart to small dick dating site Dinky One — 44 percent of women surveyed reported orgasming from penetrative sex with an eight-inch penis, the highest percentage for any penis length reported. Big One reportedly surveyed 4, female users, asking them how big their most recent sex partner was, in inches, and whether or not they were able to orgasm from penetration alone.

According to thewomen were as likely to orgasm from penetrative sex with a four-inch penis as they were with a mythical-sounding inch member. For one thing, this study was conducted by asking women to report the length of the last penis they had sex with.

I am, admittedly, a person with almost no spatial reasoning capabilities, but I could not even begin to guess how many inches the last man I slept with was packing. But what if they knew for a fact because their partner told them?

Thus, you have the myth of the eight-inch penis. As various memes will attest, eight inches is the default penile lie. Because it sounds big, but believable this despite the fact that most studies put the average penis length at around just five inches erect.

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Eight inches is to penis size what pounds is to women and ranking oneself a seven out of ten is to everyone. After eating an 8 inch sub today, I realized how many men have lied to me about their dick sizes. As a society, we are stuck on eight inches.

If they say the dick was eight inches, then fine. Another reason this study, much like almost all dick size conversations, is BS, is that it focuses almost entirely on length. As anyone who has sex with penises will tell you, girth is as important if not more so than length. Stats vary, but study after study has shown that the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and no amount of extra length or girth will change that. Subscribe here for our free daily newsletter.

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Penis size ideal

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So, apparently the perfect penis size does exist….