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There are millions of us mid-lifers who are either online dating or know someone that has. Anyone who finds themselves single in mid-life will no doubt be considering online dating as an option for finding a relationship. With so many people online dating, check out these facts about online dating that you should know about!

A scary thought when navigating through all those profiles! Yep, not all relationships will last forever, and the month mark is the most common for breaking up. The top reasons for breaking up are distance, cheating or loss of interest. Its true — as great as online dating can be, sometimes it can also be frustrating.

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Another reason to be cautious when speaking to people online. People always want to present the best version of themselves, but around half of the users make up some or all of the profile information. Yes, some people only online date because they want to have sex with someone, and there are websites created just for this.

Online dating means that people can easily connect with like-minded people who want the same things. According to Online Dating Magazine, there are more than 7, online dating websites — over 2, in the United States and 5, around the world. Of course, there are the big sites like match.

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In fact, each day around 3 million dating sites are created across the world. The growing of online dating sites provides a great way to build new relationships and meet new people. However, like most things in life, there are positives and negatives.

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It can be a bit of a shock if you are unaware of some of the negatives of online behaviour and the amount of time and effort it takes to make it work. Lots of people have a lot of fun meeting new friends and partners online, so do not let the drawbacks put you of — just be careful! Statistics taken from Dating industry statistics — Statistic Brain. Subscribe to Rejuvage.

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30 Revealing Facts About Online Dating