Old filipino lady

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Recent searches:. Create a new lightbox Save. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. A senior age Filipino woman works in her fish stall splitting Bangus, a staple food fish, in the market at Barretto, Luzon, Philippines.

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An Igorot woman with a big headdress smiles into the camera while sitting in Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines. An elderly, white-haired old Filipino woman sells votive candles outside her church in Bogo City, Cebu Island, Philippines. Philippines woman washing clothes on the river in traditional way. An Igorot woman poses for the camera in Baguio City, Philippines.

Filipino Asian woman sitting on a park bench outside using her smartphone in Baguio, Philippines.

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The iconic transport includes public and private jeepneys vying different routes written on the side of the vehicle. Unique to the Philippines, this mode of transportation found its template in the surplus military jeeps left by the US after World War II. Recent years the vehicles have become more regulated including a phasing out program of Jeepneys more than 15 years old.

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Filipinos take a Jeepney in Manila, Philippines. A Catholic Filipino woman lights votive candles in the Philippines. Young, attractive Asian woman in the Philippines looking at her smartphone indoors. A woman standing by an inhabited grave in manila, Philippines. Jungle wildlife in Port Barton, Philippines Yung woman sits in doorway of hut and holds coconut in her hands.

More than one-quarte Philippines woman washing clothes on the river in traditinional way. More than one-quarter Philippines woman washing clothes on the river in traditional way. Black and white.

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Traditional rice growing in paddles. Asian farmer planting rice. Rice pad Dumaguete, Philippines - 16 September, Old woman plants rice in field. Attractive Asian woman talking on her smartphone outdoors in the Philippines.

An elderly woman making Puso,a woven triangular basket of young coconut leaves in which rice is cooked. An attractive Filipino Asian woman looks upward in contemplation while using her cellphone in the Philippines.

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Close-up head and shoulders portrait of a beautiful Filipino woman with a great smile wearing sunglasses in the Philippines. Portrait of a beautiful, smiling Filipino woman in a colourful shawl squatting on the sand at a beach in the Philippines. A Filipino woman using an old wooden weaving machine in a traditional weaving workshop which produces authentic and unique fabrics in the province of Mountain Province, Luzon Island, Philippines. Palawan, Philippines. Holiday vacation concept. Man on bamboo float in shallow lagoon with panoramic view of shallow lagoon and Islands in Cadlao bay.

The year-old Filipino singer and showmaster was voted the most beautiful woman in the world in Bangkok Thailand in December and is now being celebrated with numerous events in Manila.

Old filipino lady

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