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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Forum Rules. My Replies My Profile. 1 to 24 of Thread: Ubon girls. Ubon girls What's the story with girls and bars in Ubon? Cheers I'll add, even tho I know it's pointless, any sleazy street scene there?

Gotta love the street whores. Reply With Quote. Issan is a horrible, filthy place. Recommendation: Don't ever come here.

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Remain in the sparkling, scintillating big city that is Bangkok or stay in sprawling palisades of Pattaya, replete with museums and myriad of cultural activities. Nothing to see here. Originally Posted by Megahorn. Originally Posted by Texpat. Originally Posted by Rigger.

Still is. Was B ST last year - top notch Lao pussy - went up to baht my last visit - bout 6 months ago. Ruddy inflation.

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Down to the end of Soi Farang, take a left for a few metres, go right at the traffic lights - with the big wedding shop on the corner facing you, then the second soi on the right. Open the door to a house and sweet, like Aladin's cave. Had gone up to baht tho - the bastards! Sad day if that area's closed down.

Mine either. I was going there, prolly just over a year ago. Got back there in July, and yeah, just guys calling me That type of calling I can accept quite well. My GF is from 35kms out of Ubon, when we were there over xmas I went into Ubon with her brother one evening to pick up some stuff.

We went past some places with the tell tale fairy lights outside, and if I understood him right, "lady there, boom sing" his english is not great! I think he wanted us to stop for a look Could n't tell you where it was exactly, but it was n't far from the town centre I know it was n't the Nevada entertainment area cos I've been there but a year ago there was lots of uni-type girls around there!

If you come across the area again, please let us know where, thanks. If your reason for going to Ubon is primarily street skank, I think you've chosen the wrong place. However- Get thee to Cerise, a Coyote Bar. The girls there are said to be Stunners- many of them Uni girls Ubon has a large student population earning a buck. If you spot a girl you like, you buy her an overpriced flower and she comes and sits with you. Then buy her an overpriced LD and chat her up.

Thats the bad news. The good news is, there is no Bar fine. All further negotiations are between you and her. I am reliably informed that, outside of the mega priced places, you will not find such a bevy of beauties in one spot anywhere in Bangkok, Patt's or Phuket. Cerise is near the Nevada Grand.

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Ask any expat there. Originally Posted by sabang. Theres a certain amount of 'luck of the draw', a certain amount of individual tact and presentation, and a certain amount of getting to the point involved.

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And maybe even the thrill of the chase. But the power of the baht is not to be ignored. The reports I've heard back from expats are very good- I'm looking forward to checking it out! Any place with hotties? Originally Posted by stickmansucks. The nightlife in Ubon is very spread out, your hotel porter can help you out, theres lo of bars around, with very pretty girls working though its a bit discreet and not in your face.

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Ask one of the girls to you sure you would get lucky. They have a taxi service now so travel from bar to bar is cheap.

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Thank you so much. Mukdahan is good also? Or just an area? I saw online that they have metered taxi? As cheap as in Bangkok for the same distance? Thanks again. You think too mutt! Ask any motorbike driver to take you to a "Song" - or utter the phrase: "Yaak pai tiaow pooying" and they will bring you there. Stills no bars with BGs in Ubon? Amazing really. I thought there were some on Chaeng Sanit. Last edited by DBell; at PM.

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Nightlife ubon ratchathani

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