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Everyone is creative. Creative Confidence has inspired thousands of people to adopt a creative mindset and apply it to the diverse real-world challenges they face.

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Or, more specifically, a group in which hierarchy is so well established that the more junior members in the room self-edit and defer to the executives rather than putting their best ideas on the table. To reduce hierarchy which inhibits conversation and self-censoring which is equally limitingthe d.

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Tool: Nickname Warm-up Participants: Groups of people per facilitator Time: A few minutes per person Supplies: Nametags for each person with the fake names written out. A hat and a ball for each facilitator. Step 1: Each participant reaches into the hat, draws out a name tag, and puts it on.

Use names that lend themselves to humor and emotion. Teams tend to produce their best work when the group is having fun. Some of the monikers can imply a big dose of street credibility, while others suggest quirky personalities. For example: Dr. Fabulous, Squirt, Mr.

Step 2: The facilitator gathers the group in a circle and tosses the ball. Whoever catches it introduces themselves using their new nickname and then tells a short story created on the spot about how they acquired this nickname as. Step 3: After their self-introduction, they toss the ball to a new person, until everyone has had a chance to share their new name and story.

Step 4: The rule for the rest of the workshop—strictly enforced—is that everyone must use only these nicknames when referring to themselves or others. Do the nametags work? Although this is a relatively new exercise, experience so far suggests that the answer is yes.

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There was a pregnant pause in the room as everyone waited to see how he would react. But he gamely played along through the rest of the workshop, and the organizers felt it contributed to an open environment in which people could speak freely. Leading by example will naturally break some of the barriers to free-flowing collaboration. This post was taken from Chapter 7 of Creative Confidence. Purchase the book for more on how to use creativity to solve problems, or from this series of creative exercises on the IDEO blog.

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Come work with us! We are always looking for great talent to our global teams. Uh oh! What we do Work Questions News. Who we are About Contact Jobs. Work Culture. Jump To. Friends required. Your required. I saw this article from IDEO and thought you might be interested. Creativity Challenge 7: Eliminate hierarchy to improve idea flow. Instructions Step 1: Each participant reaches into the hat, draws out a name tag, and puts it on.

Tips from the Field Do the nametags work?

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As a leading innovation speaker, Tom addresses scores of business audiences on how to foster a culture of innovation and tap into the creative potential of their organizations. Most Read.

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How Would You Reimagine Learning? Want More Octopus? Blog Kateryna Romanova. Blog Jane Ha. Blog Tom Kelley. Say Hello. Jobs Come work with us! See Jobs.

Nickname speed dating

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