Need to get layed Tumbling Waters

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Here is an example of a submission made to Rocky View County regarding the proposed gravel pits.

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You could choose part of it to submit your own. There is background information and an explanation of the real challenges. We do hope to inspire you and motivate you to express your opinion. It is a very important matter. Big Hill Springs Provincial Park is no ordinary park. But, as the centre of a larger interpretive park and conservation area, Big Hill Springs could become a tourist attraction unique in southern Alberta. Rare opportunities exist to expand the park north to connect to a larger conservation area, east to incorporate a picturesque buffalo jump with high interpretive value, west to properly protect and interpret the springs that rank among the top four mineral springs in Canada, and south-west for 6 km along a pathway through a sandstone-studded, steep-sided glacial coulee, leading all the way to Cochrane.

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Recreation, nature appreciation and tourism opportunities abound. Rocky View County has a clear need to provide greater trail and park facilities for its residents, many of whom moved here for these very amenities. County plans and various reports recommend that natural spaces be protected, interconnecting trails be developed and new parks be deated. But, despite planning exercises, reports and recommendations for action, so far little has been accomplished in the 50 years I have lived in RVC. The management plan for the park contains a commitment that the park will work cooperatively with RVC for park area improvement.

Expansion of this park and trail system would be a cost-effective and very responsible undertaking that could trigger a range of environmental, social and economic benefits for RVC. But, all this will be lost if gravel pits destroy the springs, which are the golden goose, and dust and noise and truck traffic drive park visitors away. Hargroup Management Consultants, Sutherland I. Bighill Creek Preservation Society. Jon Fennel History Photos Contact.

Provincial parks make up 0. Bighill Creek Protection Society, a local watershed group working to develop a watershed plan for the Bighill Creek Basin, has conducted six different scientific assessments of the creek in the past 5 years, that support the goal of reintroducing endangered native Bull Trout and West Slope Cutthroat to the creek.

Even raccoons and bob cats have been caught recently on area wildlife cameras. Buffalo jumps, bone piles, pictographs and lithic tools are all found in the immediate area. The area has great potential for further archaeological examination and interpretation.

An early fish hatchery was built to take advantage of the reliable waters that flowed year-around and maintained a constant temperature. The glacial coulee that stretches about 6 km from Bighill Springs Provincial Park to Cochrane, passes through dramatic scenery where wildlife is varied and abundant. Advantages of Park Expansion: Provincial parks contribute to the environmental, social and economic well being of Albertans, including RVC residents wanting more local recreational opportunities.

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Its proximity to Airdrie, Cochrane and Calgary put it within easy reach of over 1. With expansion, more trails and picnic sites, interpretive facilities for natural, historical and archaeological features, and major trails linking the park to Cochrane and to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, Big Hill has enormous long-term recreational, educational and tourism potential.

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The proximity of the site to three population centres and its gentle topography mean the park could operate on a year-around basis. The spin-off potential for local businesses due to increased tourism is substantial. For certain, they will impact the water to the springs. The first of these potential mines will be considered for approval at an RVC hearing March 2, RVC has a history of approving gravel operations with minimal examination of their environmental and social impacts.

Gravel deposits underly much of RVC, many not associated with critical water ways. The public has only one opportunity to influence a county decision on a gravel operation.

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This comes early, at the land deation stage. If this opportunity is missed, the public has no further recourse to the remaining steps in approving new mines. The public is then left to challenge problems only if they arise during operations. In the situation where a very vulnerable and rare aquifer is concerned, where endangered species are at stake in the waters, and where clean, reliable drinking water could be impacted, there is every reason for sober second consideration of an impacting development.

He describes the need to shorten water supply lines, concentrate community living and redouble conservation efforts. There are implications for RVC. There are also obligations on counties to maintain tributary water quality and flow rates wherever possible. Putting these in jeopardy through gravel mining would be a questionable trade-off, needing thorough examination.

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Need to get layed Tumbling Waters

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