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The last time we caught up with Slowthai, he was in an introspective mood, taking us through his life story via his abundant body art.

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It was a far cry from the brash, prankish rapper that spewed out from a flamethrower with his debut Nothing Great About Britainor the anarchic showman who nearly torpedoed his career at the NME Awards a year later. On his sophomore album Tyron after his birth name Tyron Kaymone Framptonwe get a little bit of both, with the 14 tracks bifurcated into two modes. You had American Psycho and Candyman in there. What else were the creepy inspirations? You recorded that song in my hotel room. I think I fell asleep on the sofa.

Shout out Skeppy, man. We still out here. This is a really anticipated U. Bro, you the poster boy right now, the golden. Everything about what you do is so versatile. Once they think they got you figured out, you just hit them over the head with some shit. You can switch it up on motherfuckers all the time. This is the beginning. When I saw his work, I was an instant fan.

So it happened naturally. By the time we all linked up, it felt regular. It was just mad natural and organic. But I knew about Thai through the field. He was in the field holding it down, directing his own videos. He was doing shows in New York and I would pull up and be in the crowd. Sometimes I would spectate. I was just a fan of his shit, and with him being such a solid dude, it made it easy for us to click.

People are not really genuine like that, you know? I was so lean. I was just monging out. That was in L. Then from that, just linking up, man. Where is them tunes, man? Like what do you think this is? Fresh shit real quick, bro. I definitely got some fruits, peanuts, rice cakes, yogurt, and tea. All types of healthy shit like that. It just helps. Recording is the same, but collaborating is trash.

Earlier today, me and Thai were talking about how he wanted to get out and I want to get over there. I really want to record with the brothers. Link up with the boys. Smoke and make some fire. I tip my hat. He understands everything. People need to pay him more respect. Do they have an H2O supply up there? That would be the first live show of Mars, fucking shit up.

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Betty Boop. Everybody about to start watching my shit. I think Earl Sweatshirt deserves to be in the top five, bro. Wait, disclaimer. His wordplay is crazy back in the day. After that, he got gimmicky. Nah, but Big Pun, man. You see it coming. Obviously, Slowthai. I really like this kid Zelooperz. I listen to Skepta heavy. I was a big King Von fan. Obviously, we listen to Pop Smoke heavy.

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Tierra Whack. Rico Nasty is so hard. All right, listen to this.

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But at the end of the day, she got the bus. I like Tierra, but that moment pissed me off. And it was cold. It was in Germany or something. It was a family emergency. But Thai, who are your top five girl MCs of right now? Cardi is just bad, innit. She dropped a song the other day and the video was just her playing different characters. I thought that was hard. Alright, so Juliana, my top five chicks, Imma go with Slowthai on this one. We gonnna go Flo Milli, we gonna go with Rico Nasty.

Go out there, get some paradise, get some fish. Chop it up. Rocky: Yo, the food is so crazy, bro. I just want to say this, though, for real. You one of the realest. I got nothing but love for you. You my brother. You family. Congratulations, bro. You been bodying every fucking video you doing. Like, we here, man.

That place was nice, fam. Am I back? This is some bullshit, man. I like her.

Need a real girl asap

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