Most popular sex position

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This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Defining sex is easy, but having it is slightly more complicated — namely, because there are a lot of different ways to get it on. But is there a crowd favorite out there? According to Dr. Ed, there is. Ed found that more people prefer doggy style to any other position.

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According to their experts, doggy style "allows for deeper penetration," making the G-spot easier to reach. Missionary came in second, with cowgirl following close behind. Other popular positions included holding legs up, spooning and reverse cowgirl. The 69 position also made it onto the list, a rather unsurprising finding.

Research suggests oral sex is one of the most reliable means by which women can achieve orgasm. Some research has shown that anal sex is becoming more popular among some women. Straight, bisexual and gay participants all ranked doggy style as their favorite position.

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Curiosity about certain sexual positions spanned the spectrum of sexual orientation. All respondents were equally curious about the tabletop position in which one partner sits on the edge of a table while the other penetrates them while standing up.

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The 69 position while standing up was another popular pick on the wish list. Apparently, most of the guys learned about these stunts online. Fifty-three percent of men surveyed said they picked up their sex moves from porn. Women, on the other hand, said they learned about their favorite sex positions from a real-life partner.

Over 75 percent of men said they were the ones to initiate a new position.

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Fifty-nine percent of women admitted that their partners were the ones wanting to mix it up. But as they say, in life, there is no pleasure without pain. Nearly 38 percent of men said the thing that scared them most about sex was the possibility of hurting their partner — not exactly a huge surprise, given the interested in anal sex. Less than 9 percent listed hurting themselves as a concern they must have missed our article on broken penises.

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Women were more worried about not being able to sufficiently please their partner. Over 31 percent were worried about not being flexible enough in bed.

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Most popular sex position

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