Maybe another time dating

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Not Quite Jim and Pam April 29, AM Subscribe In a dating scenairo, when a girl respond to a guy's request for a date with a nonspecific "maybe some other time," does it actually means "No"? So I like this co-worker and was finally able to summon up the courage to ask her for a simple, casual dinner date after work. We had a decent time, not spectacular, and parted way on friendly terms and she mentioned something along the line of "next time. A bit later, I send her a asking whether she want to me for a movie on a weekend night. To that she replied that she "had other plans, perhaps another time," full stop.

I am not experienced in dating at all, which is why I am asking this here. I've been told that the phrase "perhaps another time" without any specific follow up offer is a polite way for a girl to say thanks but no thanks to potential suitors.

Is this really the case?

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As you can see I really like this woman, but I don't want to come off as a pushy creep who can't take a hint. Should I even pursue this further? Two vague rejections probably mean she isn't interested. Good chance. It certainly doesn't sound like it's going to go anywhere. However I would do a follow up in, say two weeks and if you get similar then yeah drop it. Do not pursue this further. If she does actually want to potentially date you, the ball is now firmly in her court. In the future, dating in the workplace is really not recommended by anyone with common sense. Yes, it could very well mean that.

You could give it a couple of weeks to see if she initiates anything. If you really can't help yourself, you could initiate it one more time with some kind of caveat saying that you had a nice time but you understand if she doesn't want to take things further. Is she a shy person? If so, she might be having the same problem that you are.

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But probably, she isn't interested but doesn't want to turn you down. The ball is in her court at this point. Don't ask again. You've expressed your interest clearly. She will initiate something if she really means "some other time," but realistically, she's giving you the brush off. Plenty of fish in the sea, etc. Could we do it Saturday? I'd say she's being polite and saying no. There's an outside chance that she's just being flaky, but in either case: you've indicated your interest, let her make the next move.

Usually if someone doesn't follow up with a "Friday doesn't work for me, but are you free Saturday or Monday? After that, I'd move on to greener pastures. Pretty much was going to type what elizardbits said, but then it was already said. A lot of people are really not good at rejecting other people, so they say things which in their mind cushion the blow but actually just make the situation sort of murky for the other person. This is one of those.

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What I would do is just assume that she was politely indicating lack of interest, and leave it alone. The way I see it, if I'm right, then this has all gone as painlessly as possible. If I'm wrong, then all you're missing out on is a second date with someone with whom you had an unexceptional first date and whose style of communication is so different from your own that you had to ask the internet what she meant.

You're not exactly missing out on a glorious future with them, you know? You could reply with something like "Let me know when you'd like to get together again". Then she will know that you're not asking again, so if she's interested, she'll have to ask you. Then, you can always invite her to hang out in group contexts, but don't be too pushy. And do look around for other people to date yourself. She is rejecting you politely. Please do not make her reject you impolitely. Since this is going on at work which I recommend against in the futureshe might get management involved if you do not leave this alone.

In my opinion. Nthing that yes, this is indeed one way that women politely reject men early on. And since she's a coworker, you don't want to push it. If she had said "Let's definitely do it another time," or "Let's get together again soon" - then I'd say "Cool, let me know when you're free" and let her suggest a time. Since she gave you the very cold "perhaps another time.

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She's not interested. You want somebody who likes you a LOT - who will immediately suggest hanging out a different time if she can't make it the first time. You don't want to have to coax someone into seeing you. Pursuing this further would make her feel uncomfortable. We're all done here.

You gave it a shot, she's not interested. That's cool. Good for you for taking the chance. In the future, you may want to date folks outside of your workplace, because this situation can get very awkward, very quickly. A simple "No problem, let me if you'll to go out again" would suffice, that way you let her know the ball is her court.

Then you drop it. Really, just drop it, don't obsess or moon over her or the situation, let it go and make either dates. At work, you remain friendly and nice, but don't bring up the subject. Agreeing with others that yes, she has turned you down politely. It sounds like you are prepared for this and have no intention of pursuing it further so long as she's actually saying no thanks. Which she is. I just wanted to chime in on the point quoted above, to say that so far, it sounds to me like you've done absolutely nothing untoward and have been respectful about this.

Since you say you're new to dating, I thought maybe you might read the above and think "oh god have I already passed the pushy creep line!?!

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And I know people are saying don't date coworkers, but, like, she could have easily said no thanks to the first date invitation. I don't think you've done anything weird here. I agree that she's saying "no. It would just be a basic, polite "no. It's still early!

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If you are a guy, don't chase women. It isn't worth it--either they have no interest, or are the type of person who engages in game playing. I don't disagree that this sounds like she's not interested, but I do disagree that you're somehow on the edge of becoming creepy or forcing her to contact management. I don't think it's worth asking her out again, but when somebody has said "maybe another time," I think you're okay to ask her one more time without being told you're a creep.

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I mean, sure, I think the odds are that she's rejecting you politely, but adult women are also allowed to say "I don't think so, but thank you for asking," rather than "Maybe another time," and if a woman doesn't want to say no and wants to kick the can down the road by saying she might say yes if you asked at a different time, she can hardly complain that you asked her about another time. Once, anyway. I don't think you'd be a weirdo if you acted like "maybe another time" left the door open for you to ask about, you know, another time.

Maybe another time dating

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Maybe Another Time