Lord of patience lyrics

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Verse 1 Heavenly Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus It's because of His righteousness that we pray You receive this Lord, you're holy, we shouldn't even be in Your presence Due to our sin, we don't deserve the least of Your blessings But through the cross and believing that Jesus is risen Even the worst of sinners can be redeemed and forgiven I'm living proof when I say this and these are truthful statements You're beautiful when displaying Your unusual patience You take the blasphemous- pridefully stuck in our blindness Instead of smashing us, decided to love us with kindness Even with unbelievers facing Your terror, You slow up Like when You waited patiently in the era of Noah We know that with You, a day is just like a thousand years So does that mean for every sin, You cry a thousand tears?

Who can record Your graces?

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Adored through scores of ages Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience Chorus Verse 3 And now that we're in Christ, the thing that is amazing to us Is that You still continue to display Your patience to us Through all our stumbles and falls and our idolatry Through all our grumbling and all of our hypocrisy Our self-righteousness, with brothers and sisters we're hostile Our unforgiveness- all because we're just missing the gospel We should be slow to anger, but Your Word- we're slow to hear it Oh Father, help us please!

We truly need Your Holy Spirit! He is the only Person who can shape this fruit within us We praise the risen Savior who is able to present us Without an ounce of blame, with zero doubt or shame Lord Jesus, down You came from heaven to announce Your reign In the hearts of Your people, and now we have the truth And gladly choose to praise You for all of Your attributes Who can record Your graces? Adored through scores of ages Your reward is the nations, for You are the Lord of patience Chorus.

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Lord of patience lyrics

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Lord of Patience (feat. Melissa T)