Just looking 25 Halle 25

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Alright, we realize that not everyone is made for pretty in pink interiors. But trust us, when we take you into the incredibly tasty works of Nasch Madame—you will forget the world around you.

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For 10 years now, Anke aka Nasch Madame has been baking her sinful goods in Halle. The master confectioner loves themed cakes and everything that tastes like a dream. Her confectionery is a pink dream come true.

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Does it scare the men away? Because everything is kept in style. Even her calculator glows pinkish s.

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Old stuff, used things, and lovingly deed materials—the overall concept is well-executed. Her customers come from every generation and all walks of life, female squ are by far not the mainstay. It might be the recipes—every creation is unique, as healthy as possible and tasty beyond belief.

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And what are we supposed to say? She is right. This cake is an explosion of amazing tastes. We will just order a piece of coconut cake with raspberries and roasted coconut shreds and will have to come back later. Vegans and people with allergies will be in heaven—everything is considered, even lactose and gluten intolerances. The building is over years old and dripping history.

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Netherlands Amsterdam 1 Haarlem 1. Austria Vienna 1. UK Manchester 1. Nasch Madame is a sin worth committing. The beautifiers! Gaudily colored wall art, some of which even stretches across several floors. Nothing but pasta - Basta!

Just looking 25 Halle 25

email: [email protected] - phone:(475) 951-5267 x 6983

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