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. Asked for Male, 20 Years Views v. Hi Thanks for seeking help here. This is very common issue in early adulthood. Sex is a basic need and it is basic drives. Asked for Male, 24 Years 48 Views v. Share me some more details Asked for Female, 23 Years Views v.

Increased sexual urge is not a known side effect due to covid medications It is common to have sexual urge for your age and masturbation is completely normal Do engage in other activities to divert y Asked for Female, 29 Years Views v.

There are certain options and treatment. Please come online for better understanding Its because of loss of libido. Take my ayurvedic treatment. To get rid of this problem permanently. To enjoy sexual activity completely. Asked for Female, 27 Years Views v. With masturbation if you do fingering or insert any object in vagina it will disturb the pregnancy. It's better to avoid it. With orgasm as well the hormones released may cause uterine contractions.

Asked for Male, 18 Years 33 Views v. Consult online for your treatment Keep in mind your age ur condition can be quite amenable to treatment Asked for Male, 26 Years Views v. Hi dear you need proper counselling and a constitutional treatment You can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance Medicines will reach you via courier services Asked for Male, 32 Years Views v.

Medicines are there to increase sexual urge not to decrease Moreover you shouldn't opt for medicines for everything. You should try to control it on your own Invole in some other acti Asked for Male, 40 Years 51 Views v. You can go for IUI method if you want with your wife Asked for Female, 23 Years 27 Views v. You need to manage your stress and change your lifestyle. Consult a clinical psychologist for detail evaluation and advise.

Asked for Male, 28 Years 28 Views v. Take proper knowledge about this first Chat online with me Asked for Male, 34 Years 65 Views v. Shars me some more details Call me online Asked for Male, 24 Years Views v. There is no medicine to control masturbation Asked for Male, 29 Years 79 Views v. Hello Sir, Thanks for your valuable question, we understand your problem completely. Best is to treat sexual problems with complete and proper herbal supplements to avoid any side effects.

With right Homeopathic treatment it can be controlled and without any side effects. You can consult me online. Asked for Male, 29 Years 98 Views v. Asked for Male, 18 Years 56 Views v. Asked for Male, 26 Years 58 Views v. Asked for Male, 25 Years Views v. Asked for Male, 28 Years 95 Views v. Consult online please Asked for Female, 22 Years 30 Views v.

Homeopathic medication can help you in this case, chat online an discuss in detail. Asked for Female, 22 Years Views v.

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Sexual urge is normal at your age but indulgence in hobbies and spirituality helps it a lot. Asked for Male, 31 Years Views v. U need detail evaluation of illness,chat with me online. Asked for Male, 20 Years 21 Views v. Consult a urologist for evaluation and treatment Asked for Male, 24 Years 42 Views v. To have sexual urges is absolutely normal.

But is it effecting ur functioning? Asked for Male, 30 Years Views v. Best is to treat your problem with herbal supplements to avoid any side effects. at Phone or online chat Asked for Male, 40 Years 57 Views v.

The question asked on this is a free question. You can ask a free health question by downloading the Practo app. Home Consult with a doctor How to control sexual urge Its been very often that i find myself engaged in mastarbation. It seems that I have lost control on myself in every aspect and its affecting my life.

I need to stop mastarbating and start having control over my mind. It very disturbing seeing myself like this. I seek professional help. My sexual urge is very more which forces me to masturbate almost everyday and i ejaculate very fast a sort of erectile dysfunction which is ruining my relation.

What should i do? I can't control myself when my urge is at its peak. Please help. Jitendriya Biswal Psychiatrist Bhubaneswar. What are some good ,Medicines to stop sexual urges without any other side effects? Gunjan Saini Sexologist Haridwar. Since the past few days i m having a desperate urge to have sex and because of this i have masturbated everyday. I was covid positive around 25 days ago n i was given tab fabiflu at that time. Is it something due to the medication or so, bcoz i am having high sexual urges which r difficult to contro Krishna Chaitanya General Physician Mumbai.

My friend is in relation with girls with whom he used to have a sex for continuous 2 years. Now that girl get married to another person. Is he able to control his sexual urges after she left her? And if yes ,then how long it is possible to control his sexual urges?

Shubhanshu Gupta Sexologist Jhansi. Very few sexual urges monthly once or twice that too not from my side with my wife's initiative we both are smokers. Ajay Pal Singh Ayurveda Delhi. I am pregnant 6 weeks now and have sexual urge which I am not able to control. I don't have sex with my partner as said by doctor. Shreedevi Tanksale Gynecologist Mumbai. I suffer from anxiety and depression I used to masturbate a lot but suddenly I have no sexual urges and I am only 18 years old. Shabir Ahmad Dar Neuropsychiatrist Srinagar.

I am 26 year old I have strong sexual urge whenever I see women I feel a urge of masturbating also my testicles hurt if I don't do it pls help. Himani Negi Homoeopath Chennai. I am 32 years married male person.

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Is there any medication for not having sexual urge for intercourse? Venkat Raghav General Physician Bangalore. I m married 1. Women doesn't excites me for which we had little to no sexual intercourse. I want to lead a Happy married life and want to have. Recently I had a sperm test and it's normal I don't have low sperm count.

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I have sexual urge or libido but for males only. Is there any How to control the urge of eating. Like eating. I know its bad for me but whenever I am in stress or studying I eat a lot in short intervals even if I am full. I am overweight and I don't have many friends. Please consult me on the same how to control. Sir, I want to write same thing to psychiatric doctor.

But again I thought to tell you also. I got married in and have been living without intrest in my life.

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Since I got married I have been weaping all most all the days as I extremely don't like her behaviour. Every day I think how to take divorce since that day I got married. But at the same I have high sexual urges as I am single and I masturbate times per day I tried controlling this habit but failed many times. And medically masturbation is normal activity

Im Bhubaneswar and i wanna fuck

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