How to make control freaks

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But I know of some particularly finicky read: obnoxious, bored, Connecticut homeowners who would. I trust people I hire to do jobs—because I trust myself to have found the right person for the job. Once upon a time, I decided to stop being an employee.

I decided to be free.

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I have a vast, broad client roster based on reputationskill, and longevity. My best clients take me seriously while understanding the unique value I bring to the table. Control freaks need you to react to them in a timely fashion. This is the equivalent of letting a baby cry it out. If you give in every time to their need for attention, the work suffers, as you get trapped in an endless cycle of revisions, trial-and-error, and wasted likely unpaid time.

By doing so, you re-assert yourself, focus the communication where it should be, demonstrate that you ignore over-reactivity, and gain respect. But what if they fire you? But if they do, then good riddance to the drama.

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Be sure to have a strong Termination clause in your contract. People with boundary issues will struggle to dominate you in front of other people, and if they do, stay calm and in control of the meeting. Is there something I can explain better? Your colleagues will bring you in on a project because they know and trust you. Very often, these are amazing experiences that build each of you up. Colleagues acting as intermediaries are insecure about their roles, so they need to dominate you, rather than partnering with you to create success for the client.

Structure the arrangement from the get-go so that your autonomy is preserved. Require that you work directly with the client, alongside but not through your colleague. Will a control freak colleague still backchannel with the client? You will feel x better, I guarantee. I was excited to gift them a kick-ass idea, but they reacted badly. But in these cases, maturity has taught me to emotionally disengage from the project immediately.

There are probably factors involved that you will never know.

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Just do the work, collect the money, and devote your energy to more worthwhile projects or ideas. But now I have a different perspective: As a professional services entrepreneur—maybe especially as a woman—you have to eat shit all week long. Set your boundaries. Keep a cool head. Never ever let anyone diminish your feelings of self-worth. Share Post. Inline Feedbacks. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Please try again.

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How to make control freaks

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