How to get over your ex for good

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Write down all the B-S you never have to deal with anymore. During a breakup, I know we have long moments of romance revisionist syndrome where we think our ex is absolutely amazing, and totally The One. Maybe they had the most annoying chewing habits, or never texted you on time. Write a list of ALL the things nothing is too small or inificant in this list that drove you bananas. Watch as you come up with a ton of ridiculous things that you never have to deal with. Where have you been held back in life?

Think about the ways you held your life back in small or big ways for them, and start thinking about going for that this year. Actually, think about how you can make the first step today. Discover your relationship needs. Most of us think we date people randomly, but the truth is that we attract people on a really unconscious level. Go through each of these needs in order to see how many you really have. Put on some feel-good jams to lean into the experience. Let yourself feel whatever emotions come up, and let them pass naturally. After all, your favourite artists always know exactly what to say.

Tune into mindfulness. It can be really frightening for some of us to experience one extreme emotion, followed by another extreme emotion. This is of course part of the process, and getting in touch with yourself through mindfulness and meditation will help you respond to emotions and circumstances that come up each day, instead of react. You know the 2am angry drunk-texting. Create new boundaries. Part of letting go of an ex is understanding where your boundaries were crossed in the relationship. Did you give too much? Did you feel like you were led by guilt a lot of the time? Did you always say yes whenever your ex asked to hang even when you had other plans in place?

Look into that. Self-care every damn day. Self-care is your new breakup bestie. With all the emotional drainage, and mixed-emotions, you need time to take care of yourself as a new priority. Usually, the first thing to go during a hectic time is our own downtime. Self-care can mean taking a delicious bath; guilt-free Netflix bingeing; or simply saying no to a commitment that might drain you.

It means putting yourself first every time sorrynotsorry. Self-care is not selfish; in fact, when you put yourself first, you actually take care of others—and show up—more fully and lovingly. Make self-care a priority every single day. Create a breakup mantra. I never used to care about mantras until I realized how powerful they are.

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Mantras bring you back to your personal connection with yourself. What particular challenges have you been facing that you could use a good mantra for? Check out these mantras for more Inspo. an online community with others healing through a breakup. Give your apartment a mini face-lift. Feel free to buy new bedding, and buy a diffuser to cleanse the energy in your apartment. Purge the old in your wardrobe. I really enjoyed the experience of shopping for the new me as it helped become more forward-looking.

I started getting excited, and felt the confidence come back.

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Create a vision board. Many famous people like Jim Carrey and Steve Harvey totally believe in their power. You can make an old-fashioned board with Bristol board, glue, and magazine clippings, or you can make on on Canva and make it your laptop wallpaper. Let your imagination run wild and see how you start to watch your life unfold this year. Get a pet. Dogs are so therapeutic, and they really help with the loneliness of a breakup. Show yourself compassion.

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Hire a breakup coach. You might have already picked up on the fact that you are so grateful for your friends support, but also want to get answers to really deep questions about your last relationship. I became a coach when I started to realize just how impactful it can be to explore ourselves during our breakups, like how we attract certain partners into our lives; or why we settle for less than we deserve; or why we give everything to someone and they still want to leave us.

These questions cannot be answered with a friend over a 7-minute conversation. The length of most calls these days. Book your first session with me today.

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Get reading. Whether you prefer audiobooks or reading, get yourself to the nearest book store and pick out eye-opening relationship books. Talk to me about my personal recommendations for you. Treat yourself to a day challenge. Often times, we can feel really defeated by a breakup, which is why infusing this time to challenge yourself will remind you how strong and powerful you truly are.

This might mean a day no-drinking, no-drunk-texting-your-ex, or yoga-every-day challenge. Digital detox your way through the breakup. When I ended my relationship a few years ago, I deleted Facebook and Instagram, and I have to say it was absolutely liberating. Not only did I find that I thought a lot more clearly, I realized how consumed I was in the digital world. Maybe challenge yourself to a day social-media detox and see what happens when you give yourself permission to disconnect.

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Download a breakup course. Throw away or donate their old stuff. You likely still have things around the house that belong to your ex—and maybe you even have stuff from a ex, too! What excuses do you have for keeping them? Maybe you still have their expensive belt, or maybe you love sleeping in their shirt. Buy yourself a new shirt instead. Show gratitude. You cannot be grateful and scared at the same time, so spend as much time as you can remembering things you have to be grateful for. Maybe your mom listened to you break down on the phone today, and you are grateful for her time and love.

Maybe you are grateful for the albeit harsh lessons you learned from your ex. What is it for you? Write a list of 50 things, and continue making recognizing what there is to be grateful for every single day. I hope you enjoyed this list of 21 ways to get over your ex in Your day 1 is on the way! Give it a minute or two to arrive for ya :. February 1, After the Breakup.

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Address. Want conscious breakup advice on demand? I want to binge advice!

How to get over your ex for good

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