How to celebrate two year anniversary

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In terms of traditional anniversary gifts by yearpartners gift each other a cotton anniversary gift on their second anniversary. Find out the symbolism behind cotton for your second anniversary, the modern gift and anniversary flower, as well as many unique and meaningful second anniversary gift ideas. Discover special 2nd Anniversary Gifts. The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. Depending on who you ask, you may come across different ideas of what cotton symbolises.

Others lean towards the idea that the fibres of cotton fabric represent how two lives come together. Just as the fibres of cotton are interwoven, couples growing closer become increasingly intertwined in their first two years of marriage. Cotton is a versatile material which means its meaning is also versatile and open to interpretation. As a second anniversary gift, cotton is a practical gift that can be creatively incorporated into a variety of gift ideas.

Long ago, wives were gifted yards of cotton for their second wedding anniversary because it allowed them to make clothing for their whole family. Of course, this was in times before the shopping mall or eBay. After the invention of the Spinning Jenny in and the subsequent Industrial Revolution, the cost of cotton came down and slowly, buying ready-made clothes and bedding became the norm.

In more recent years, the traditional second anniversary gift shifted to fine china. The rise in availability of china and the fact that it could be transported safely not on a wagon meant that china became the new traditional symbolic gift. China is both delicate and resilient which is what drew many people to its ability to acknowledge the strength and frailty of a new marriage.

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The traditional flowers of the second anniversary are lily of the valley and Cosmos. Cosmos represents a playful love because of their liveliness and lily of the valley symbolises purity and smells delightful. And guess what? They all involve cotton in some way. Keep your marriage on the right track with a symbolic anniversary gift that will knock their cotton socks off! When you think of cotton, you probably think of cotton bedding, cotton clothing or anything actually made of cotton.

Treat your loved one to a unique second anniversary gift with an evening of foams, fogs and dreamy aromas in a molecular cocktail masterclass. As something fun to do together on your second anniversary, the two of you can come up with your own crafty cocktails with a cotton-candy twist. Not sure how to knit? Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth? Embark on a specially constructed sweet tour of the iconic streets of Chelsea and Belgravia in London. Snuggle up on the couch under a soft cotton blanket, hot chocolate with marshmallows and of course, cotton candy. As for the movie?

You know that iconic Instagram pic of couples enjoying breakfast with a backdrop of hot air balloons over a rugged landscape? Well, that could and should be you! Without a doubt, the most exhilarating way to celebrate two years of marriage is in the clouds overlooking the magical landscape of Capadoccia. You get out and step straight into the fluffiest, softest white cotton robe to nibble on your fruit platter.

A simply blissful way to spend a day with bae. For full indulgence, opt for a full spa day to enjoy all-day access to a pool, sauna, steam room and other spa facilities. And the British Museum must be one of the most beautiful museums in the world. But how exactly is this a cotton anniversary gift? The British Museum is home to an staggering of cotton treasures, including a portrait of Sir Robert Cotton.

For something classically romantic to celebrate two years together, surprise your loved one with an extravagant picnic on a beautiful cotton picnic blanket. Pack a basket of cheese, grapes, fine wine, fresh bread and other yummy finger foods to indulge in. What could be more sophisticated than that? If your other half is passionate about cooking or if they need a little help in the kitchen, then this is a pretty good gift idea. In fact, clothes like jumpers, tops, underwear and pyjamas make it onto the list of top ten most returned Christmas gifts.

This is the ideal anniversary gift because your partner will continue to enjoy it long after their experience ends. Many of us feel stumped when it comes to the second anniversary. While the first is filled with kitchen gadgets thanks wedding registrythe second one can be a letdown; but only if you let it. These days, we have to be extra mindful about waste and excess. Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas. Also see Top 10 Anniversary Getaways.

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How to celebrate two year anniversary

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