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Posted May 28, Reviewed by Lybi Ma. They are afraid to approach me. They always p I want the super-rich guy or the super good-looking guy. Yeah, I am pretty, but I am just a woman underneath this. I want a nice guy that I can feel safe with, who makes me laugh. He does not need to be rich.

He does not have to be a GQ model. I just want a normal guy, who burps, and leaves his socks all over the house, but cares enough about me to take care of the guy things. You know the car stuff, and killing bugs. I get a lot of attentionbut it is not quality attention.

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I just want to meet a nice guy who is into me for the person I am, not my face and my body. I want someone who will love me when I am not smoking hot. I have a terrible time making female friends, other than other models. You want to have friends outside of your work circle. I have had little success finding female friends. My looks are a marketable asset, so I manage them as any person would manage a vital asset.

That does not make me shallow. You cannot look like me, and survive in this world, especially this town, by being vacuous. I am glad she is in pain. Let her suffer. She has never suffered a day in her life. A normal girl can throw on shorts and a tank top on a hot day and go to the market. If I did that, it would cause a huge commotion. I cannot tell you how many guys ask me out only because they want a beautiful girl on their arms. I am just an accessory, like an expensive tie, or a flashy car.

It also happens with very insecure women who just want to be my friend to live vicariously through my experiences. It is very painful to discover that your friend does not really like you, but rather is trying to use your looks to shore up their ailing self-esteem. You cannot have it both ways. I will admit it, people do things for me that they would not do for less attractive people. It has been that way my entire life. People have always gravitated to my looks, not my capabilities. After a while, you learn to give the people what they want. It is demoralizing. It is an occupational hazard of being super hot looking.

Regrettably, when you look a certain way, men are more interested in having sex with you than making love to you. It is horribly sexist and says everything about men and nothing about me.

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Still, it makes my life miserable. It is very creepy. Men follow me around in stores.

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I am always on my guard. I have had people break into my apartment and steal my lingerie—very creepy stuff. According to many terminally pretty women, the problems are: difficulty meeting guys; people think they are dumb; people are less empathetic towards them; men do not respect them; and people look at their bodies and think they know them without ever having met them.

Does any of this sound familiar? True, these are generic female concerns, but they are usually more resounding for large women.

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Granted, the superficial reasons large women experience this treatment are different from those of the "super hot looking women," but the core issue is identical, humans commodify women. It does not matter if society calls you supermodel or fatso. At the end of the day: lonely is lonely, sad is sad, and mistreated is mistreated. We all run the same gamut of emotions. Which matters more, the reason we are crying, or that tears are falling.

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Hot woman looking hot sex Singapore

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