Give your ex space

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The question of how to get an ex back is often on the minds of many of the broken hearted. Some of us know exactly what to do, others… well not so much. So, we call them every hour on the hour, we communicate with them every way possible, and we feel our blood boil the instant they post a "happy birthday" onto the Facebook wall of the opposite gender.

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In other words, we let our emotions guide us instead of our he. But, the truth is that getting an ex back isn't a one, two, or three step process. Instead, it's a delicate tapestry woven together with what to do, and what to never do.

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How to Get an Ex Back: What to Do With reconciliation in mind, there are certain things you should definitely do to help your ex regret their decision. Some things go without saying— don't threaten, stalk, or kidnap To learn more about how to get an ex back. in. YourTango Experts. Expert Blog.

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6 Do's And Don'ts Of Getting Your Ex Back