Girl in red mustang in charleston

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So what inspired you to make the Bronco your next project car? The trip to Alaska really sparked my Bronco purchase.

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After driving my Mustang on the Denali Highway — a stretch of miles of gravel road — and almost breaking my car in half, I knew I needed something big and beefy to be able to go to places less traveled. The Bronco was the first year of full size and still had the square boxy look that I love, so it was the perfect fit. RJ: How did you choose this particular Bronco? And what was the first thing you decided to tackle when you got your hands on it? CB: I actually had a one way plane ticket to Washington state to purchase another Bronco weeks before I got mine.

I honestly think they saved me more than just money, because I was planning on taking an Uber to meet the seller who swore the Bronco was road worthy. After that I was a lot more cautious and found my beautiful Bronco on conment in El Paso, Illinois.

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While I did make it home to South Carolina, the miles home were terrifying. Every bushing on the truck was worn out, and I learned first hand how terrifying death wobble can be in a truck with a 7 inch lift! I have to admit I was more than a little scared to get back in it, and it sat in the driveway for a few weeks before I manned up and decided it was time to beat the fear.

And what better way than with paint! Russ Petty laid out the lines and as Manny the Paint Guy sprayed the paint, I began to wonder if I was destroying a decent paint job, until we pulled off the tape and it was better than I ever imagined!

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RJ: We know that the mechanics of this vehicle have proven a little more challenging than expected. What have been the biggest obstacles to getting it adventure-worthy? CB: Steering, steering, steering and steering, did I mention steering? Thanks to National Parts Depot, I was able to restore the truck back to stock height and replace every bushing on the truck.

Everyone keep telling me I just had to get used to driving an old truck. A friend of mine actually had me drive his truck to see it was the same. But no one could see the problem. Right around that time, Ford asked me to cover the Bronco Super Celebration in Townsend, Tennessee and I thought, what better place to find help for my problem? Everyone I asked told me James Duff Inc had the solution to my problems, and they were right.

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Michael Duff recognized right away that the issue was caster related, and their T-Rex Radius Arms with built in caster allowed me to keep the stock height and finally feel safe driving down the road. They just finished the road allowing access to the city, which lies on the Arctic Ocean, and it has been calling to my soul ever since. We were actually on our way last month when Hurricane Florence decided to reroute the plans.

When it turned to my home in Charleston, SC I had to make the call to turn back. Now the plan is to go in the Spring. They actually have a festival in April to welcome back the warm weather, and I have been promised a dog sled ride by the mayor.

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As a huge fan of Iditarod, I am actually grateful that Florence made me wait! Everything happens for a reason. RJ: Team Mustang Girls became a true phenomenon of travel, mechanics and marketing. Well, I learned very quickly that I know nothing!

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But the Mustang did teach me many things that did apply, and I stuck true to myself and kept the Bronco simple. As far as the plans go — drive it! Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. us - [ protected]. Terms Classifieds Privacy. About Andreanna Ditton Articles. She's been working in the automotive publishing industry since focusing on racing and performance for motorcycles and cars. article. Next article. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time.

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Girl in red mustang in charleston

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