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The internet has created a worldwide marketplace where anyone with a smartphone or a computer can make money using their personal and private adult content made at home. That means no more sitting on the casting couch waiting to get a big break or stripping off your clothes to do a porn scene only to get a couple of hundred bucks. Instead, you can get paid to text dirty with horny guys and still make a decent amount of pocket change.

Women in the know get paid to chat with guys are making big bucks by doing nothing. Sexting is a natural activity that many do with their boyfriends anyway. Why not get paid for it? As lucrative as you want it to be. Yes, a 5-figure income! There are some women making 40 grand a year as an adult texter. Going independent puts all the responsibility on you. You have to find the men who might have an interest in paying for hot adult chat.

You can find them surfing social media websites or dating apps. However, there is no guarantee that some of those guys have an interest or even honest for that matter. They could do the sexy dirty talk and run.

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Working as an employee gives you more freedom to focus on the creative aspects of your phone sex, dirty texts business. The company finds the men for you and usually have regulars. You are on-call to entertain horny men. Since the company does much of advertisement, they take a small percentage. You get the option to enroll in the training courses for free. You will learn how to talk dirty through sex chats. There is no direct contact between you and the client. One problem working for a business as an employee is competing sexters. So, you need to learn how to market yourself in a unique way that sets you apart from the pack.

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If I came across a sexter who was boring or did not respond quickly enough, or who responded with too many sexts to milk minutes from myI would cut her off. The sext texter that stuck in my mind were the ones who left a positive impression that stands out in my mind. CashApp — With your cash app name, a client can send money to you.

I hope you got good credit! Venmo — Like Cash App, a person can username and send money to your bank. PayPal — PayPal is tricky when it comes to selling adult content. You cannot say that you earn money to send explicit messages to men unless you got approved as a business. Also, a stalker can get possession of your real name if you forgot to change the display. Gift Cards — This is probably the safest way to get paid that reduces exposure.

There is no trace, no tax requirements — just an exchange of a sequence to buy necessities and luxuries from branded companies. Western Union — Transferring money using this means is the easiest, but also easy for a homegrown stalker to get your full name. Many live sexting jobs online use this payment method. ACH Direct Deposit Transfer — Many sexting places will ask for your routing and bank to make a direct deposit.

After requesting a cash out, the money takes a few days to show up in your bank. Checks — Some companies will mail checks. They sometimes take days or weeks to arrive. A lot! As I said earlier, there are women making tens of thousands a year. They also put in the hours and built their reputations to get that kind of money. Ha, ha…There are a bunch of them. We will make a list with brief reviews. Arousr is the most popular, professional option to get paid for sexting. Payments after freaky chat cashouts are Monday with direct deposit or bank wire.

OnlyFans offers the opportunity to exchange live videos, sext selfie pics, and horny texts for some extra cash. The process works by giving lonely men who paid for your Kik, Snapchat username to text you privately. Visit OnlyFans. This is the reason some people sell access to the premium private ones as an alternative. Kik is a cool, mobile app to meet guys, but you have to go independent with this one, but payment is direct. You can only add a limited amount of followers to your groups. Phrendly markets itself as a dating app, but offers to get paid to flirt online with daily payouts.

Many people who worked here left good testimonials.

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TextChat gives regular women a chance to get paid to flirt using their SMS mobiles. Hours are flexible, but the quota system sullies payments and lower rates. Payments go to direct deposits. Some dirty chat women reported they made a couple of hundred dollars a month. Life Service opened doors in and took over the adult porn chat and phone sex training game as we know it.

Flirt Bucks is another popular flirt chat system. They do not allow discussing hardcore stuff — just vanilla subjects. Final cashouts go to PayPal. This website seems strict, but if you get lucky and hop on board, there is some good money. You can use your Twitter to search for men who like to sex talk. Create a hashtag using the symbol with the word the Sext in there somewhere. Someone will respond to the message. You are responsible for collecting the money. Word of advice. Get it up front.

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Your followers will become your fans. Adult Friend Finder is an excellent place to find sexting potentials. Millions of people are willing to pay for a sext chat. You only need to market yourself. The website also has erotic talk chatrooms and live cams to get money.

You have to churn out 25 words per minute and be at least 18 years old for a position. Do that, and you can make a couple of hundred dollars doing sex work from home. Yet, this website is not as popular as the others on the list. Snapsext is a legit professional anonymous sexting service with a bunch of users. Chaturbate is a cam site. Most girls get nude and do erotic shit. You can sell sexting using your Snapchat or KIK or talk to the guys in the live chat room. The more tokens they deposit, the more you talk. ManyVids has the best adult entertainers from over 30 countries.

Free paid for sex

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