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Since Bowie died inParlophone has released seven boxed sets, nine live albums, and a smattering of other musical ephemera—all of it crammed to the gills with rarities and unreleased material. Casual fans need not apply.

The bulk of the material on Width of a Circle comes from early The most alluring material on this set comes from those radio sessions.

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The construction of the set reflects that shift. It starts with a quartet of tracks played by Bowie on his own, using a string acoustic guitar. The Sunday Show set takes flight with the addition of Mick Ronson.

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By that point, Ronson had more fully assimilated into the Bowie hive mind, and his playing soars even higher as a result. Ronson wiggles through it all with a demonic charge.

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Another curiosity on Width is five tracks taken from a performance of Pierrot In Turquoisea stage show conceived by Bowie mentor Linsday Kemp and film in early for Scottish television. Lest anyone forgets, there was a brief period when Bowie was obsessed with mime and dance, taking lessons from and having an affair with Kemp and incorporating it into his live show.

One of his first collaborations with Kemp was Pierrota tale of tortured love that featured Bowie singing songs mostly from his self-titled debut and doing a bit of mime.

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The show toured through England in and then adapted for television a few years later. The songs from the broadcast in this set are fairly interesting as rough drafts for future Bowie material. Too, the music suffers from poor sound quality as these recordings came from an archival copy of the TV broadcast released on DVD in All too often, Bowie would go through a musical metamorphosis and present it to the world fully-formed, forcing fans to rush to keep up.

The Width of a Circle offers a rare peek at how his work was developing—an often ungainly evolution that listeners can now track chronologically.

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‘The Width of a Circle’ Captures David Bowie’s Awkward Adolescence