Dating yukiko persona 4

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The Persona franchise has always handled romance well, even in the games without Social Links. Persona 4 a more casual playthrough overall, meaning that Social Links and their romances ease their way in rather smoothly. But not every Social Link is a hit, and some romances are honestly better left untouched. Updated June 23, by Renan Fontes: Despite Persona 5's sheer popularity — especially after Royal — it's hard to believe that Persona 4 still maintains such a devoted following. Balancing a lighthearted tone with a gripping mystery, P4 offers franchise fans something fairly unique.

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More so when it comes to the romantic Social Links. Persona 5 had fun with its links, but Persona 4 Golden might have the best overall romantic arcs in the of the modern series.

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Both of them scrape the bottom of the barrel with conflict and neither girl has anything resembling a natural or engaging relationship with the protagonist. She has issues with both her parents, forcing the main character to act as a more as a distant observer than ever. There's always a passive element to the main character when it comes to Social Link arcs, but Yumi's takes things to an extreme and removes most of your agency as a player. Through the player, Ayane grows out of her shell, slowly gaining not only confidence but stronger individuality as a person.

It also doesn't help that she looks Nanako's age. Added into Persona 4 Golden with quite a bit of narrative focus, Marie is one of the most contentious characters in the series. Atlus is not shy when it comes to adding new cast members to their re-release, but Golden emphasizes Marie to a point where she steals focus. At the same time, she does manage to develop a decent romance with the main character and the romantic angle is held off until Rank 9 though it's heavily pushed.

While Marie's presence can be annoying for most of the game, P4G does give her arc enough direction where she's mostly justified by the time credits roll. Her romance with the main character is also handled in a surprisingly mature way, with the epilogue suggesting that the two might have parted and weren't able to maintain their relationship.

Chie is a fan favorite for good reason. Chie's romance is held off until Rank 9which isn't unusual for party members, but it means there's little time to actually dwell on the romance between her and the main character. Yukiko is weird, funny, and genuinely sweet. Rise is arguably the more natural fit for the lead, but Yukiko is introduced immediately and framed as the initial love interest. This isn't love at first sight, but an actual friendship that grows as the main character helps Yukiko find her calling — something the Link doubles down on by locking romance to Rank 9.

Her relationship with gender is fleshed out considerably in both the main story and her Social Link, but she has romantic thre tied to Kanji along with the main character.

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While Naoto debatably has more natural chemistry with Kanji — by virtue of him being allowed to speak — her Social Link helps her work through some very personal feelings with the main character. Naoto's romance is triggered at Rank 8 and the relationship itself plays out well. Naoto and the main character have surprisingly solid chemistry as much chemistry as one can have with a silent protagonist and their relationship develops organically where the Social Link comfortably eases into romance. The detective angle at play also gives Naoto a fun way to bond with the main character while developing natural feelings for him.

A controversial character with a controversial Social Link that le into a controversial romance, Ai Ebihara has one of the most dynamic arcs in Persona. This is conveyed by Ai having the earliest romantic trigger in the game Rank 6but this proves to be too early and she can't maintain the relationship. By denying Ai's advances in Rank 6, you'll get another opportunity to reciprocate at Rank 9.

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From there, Ai develops into a better person with respect for others while keeping her same sassy, flirty, aggressive self. Ai and the main character make a strange pair, but a cute one nonetheless, especially if players take the time to get to know her. Of the non-playable girls, Ai has the most nuanced romance in Persona 4. Rise is great character writing all around.

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Rise is clearly attracted to the main character from the outset, something that's even commented on narratively. In this sense, it can feel like Persona 4 is pushing Rise too much on players — especially since her romance starts earlier than any other party member at Rank 7.

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Rise is fun, funny, lovable, and is able to work through her insecurities alongside the main character without letting herself be defined by their relationship. Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists Persona 4. Renan Fontes Articles Published. Expand to Read Full Story. Farm Together: Basics For Beginners.

Dating yukiko persona 4

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