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Jeff Thies kicked off Tinman Elite for wearing Dragonfly's. Cole Hocker is unvaccinated going into Olympic Games. Joe Klecker 3k TT Tonight. Diljeet Taylor promoted to head coach. Circumcision is a primitive religious tradition. The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis and the early religious savages stareted cutting it off to prevent sexual pleasure. It is a criminal act that amounts to genital mutilation. I think it is a typical American belief to think that circumcision is a good thing.

The reason that a lot of people think this is probably because they are circumcised and not for any logical explanation. Does anyone know what the actual role of the foreskin is? One of the most important things it does it protect the head. The head is actually not covered with skin, but a very thin moist mucuous membrane. It's supposed to be protected by the foreskin, which keeps it warm and moist.

If the foreskin is removed, the membrane thickens in response to the lack of protection and becomes much less sensitive. Uncircumcised penises are much more sensitive. The foreskin is filled with nerve endings called stretch receptors. I'm assuming these people who are saying circumcision is a wonderful thing do not realize the foreskin is the most erogenous zone on a man's body.

Simple question: Why deprive your son of the area on his body that can give him the most pleasure? Not being snipped is the equivalent of being a left handed pitcher in baseball. Good luck. As a female, I say get it done. I, and my girlfriends dont have anything against them, but highly prefer circumcised. NOT circumcised here and have never had a problem with it. Either way though he will be ok with whatever you decide. Whatever that means I am 25 and am pretty happy with my uncircumcised! Ha ha how old are you?

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Your son will only be embarrassed if his moral fiber is weak. A stable confident, down to earth kid will have no problem having a little extra skin. NO circumcision is the way to go! I'm And like I said, I have no issue with either choice.

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Just pointing out that I've never heard of a single dude having issues with being circumcised That is all. I play the s Small chance, I know Does circumcision serve a purpose? But here in America people are judgemental over differences. And again, it's just my two cents. I grew up and live in a red neck town. I'm sure perception is different in a more liberal place like say San Fran for example. The OP asked for peoples experiences, I gave him mine. There is no need to blast me and call me an imature 14 year old. My wife works as a nurse at a local hospital.

Anyway this really hot nurse started dating a guy this other hospital employee then when she saw his unclipped johnson she totally backed off and said no thanks. The guy was like why not? Get it clipped. Don't do it! It amounts to genital mutilation and serves no purpose other than aesthetics. On the flip side you are killing your ability to get sexual plesure, and scarring him physically and possibly emotionally.

It is actually a lot less common now then it used to be a generation ago. Why would uncircumcised look any "weirder" than circumcised? It's not like penises are works of art or anything. I'm not circ'd and it honestly looks exactly the same any time I'd be with a girl. Never had any complaints. Why do you need to make this decision? Just wait till your kid is older and let him make the choice. Of course, there's always the chance of infection or surgical error, which seems like a risk not worth taking.

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Circumcised babies will be the minority eventually in the US. On the west coast they basically already are. Before coming to America, my family were British-Canadian and nobody was circumcised except for my dad, a first generation American born in my family. I didn't know about it until I was older I've never tried to look at my dad's penis and he told me that it was stupid and unnecessary. I am uncircumcised and have had no problems with girls. Nobody in high school takes showers these days so nothing came up there.

It'd be pretty gay looking at other guys' penises anyway. If somebody regrets not being circumcised, can't they just walk around with it retracted all day and get the same effects?

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I wouldn't do it. It's his body and should be his decision. Girls in the states tend to prefer circumsized due to it being the norm, but it is actually the opposite in much of Europe. Even women in America seem to not really care as long as things are clean.

I have known several guys who were uncircumsized and none were made fun of even in jr. One kid in my PE class had some kind of birth defect and his was just totally effed up looking and nobody made fun of him for it. Genital mutilation is right. Don't do it.

Not cut. When I was younger, I used to worry a lot about girls being weirded out by it, because near as I could tell, I was in the minority. But, that said, as I got older, I discovered that -- in my experience -- once you've gotten to the point where you're about to have sex with a woman whether as a one-nighter or within a dating-type relationship a foreskin is NOT going to get in the way of that. Moreover, theoretically, I like the idea of having increased sensitivity although there are obviously times when this can be counterproductive for menand, actually a major plus is that it's just plain convenient for J-ing off.

For that matter, cut guys really have no use for HJ's but on the odd occasion when that still happens, I can actually enjoy it, which I guess is nice. Condoms do shift around a little, but they've never even come close to coming off, for me. Ultimately, I'd say it's a toss-up.

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In my age bracket, I'm definitely not the norm and I've occasionally heard the odd "it's weird" comment from a woman my age who didn't know that I was uncircumcised So, I'm not going to say do or don't, but those are the pros and cons from my experience and, it seems like one of the major cons for guys my age may be altogether out of the picture for your son.

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Back To Index Forum Index. Report Post Report. The REAL frednorris. Father-to-be wrote: Having a baby boy very soon. I'm trying to decide whether or not to have him snipped. I'm NOT looking for any moral or health-related arguments as I'm familiar with these arguments. However, being circumcised, myself I'm unaware of what it's like in the locker room or when girls first see me naked etc.

I'm leaning towards no circumcision but wanted to hear any personal stories again not moral or health arguing either way. Thanks for your serious responses. Get rid of it. No one wants to look in the eye of a "Hooded Viper". Circumcision was created by women so that men will last longer--all there is to it. Whod have thunk wrote: My two cents. A few guys have asked people who say do the circumcision "why are you so thankful your parents circumcised you? If I were you I'd weigh out the concequences How many non circumcised boys wish that they were?

SmallI know. I'm exhagurating but as you'll soon find out the flip side is nill. I personally have a friend who hates his parents because they didn't circumcise him and he was picked on badly in hs because of it.

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So, risk your son being embarrased, even if it's a slight chance You make the call. Oh and any circumcised man has heard many stories from their gf's of how disgusting non circumcised penises are. The women won't say this to a guy who isn't circumcised as they don't want to hurt their feelings Me personally? I don't care. But I'll save my son the ridicule.

Dating foreskin forums

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