Big old bootys

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Ladies we need to love our bodies more. Forget the haters and bodyshamers you should appreciate what your momma gave you! Big booties are always a hot topic of conversation and so we need to talk about why booty love is so important. Because there might still be a few bootylicious babes out there that don't like their big butts. Obviously this is silly because big butts are gorgeous. A lot of people will appreciate your behind even if you don't. And did you know that a big, strong booty is important for health reasons too? I can guarantee that you will love your booty even more after reading this article.

People either love or hate the Kardashians. But you've gotta give it to them, they helped us appreciate women bodies of different shapes and sizes. Because they are curvalicious, bootylicious babes and they're stunning. Kim K in particular made it fashionable to have a big old booty. You could even say that her bum is more famous than she is!

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So women don't want to hide away their big booties anymore, they want to flaunt them because it's fashionable. Everybody loves big booties. There's a simple reason why, having a big butt is incredibly sexy! There's no doubt that your ificant other finds your big booty hot. We all know that it's super hot and should be proud of our big booties. It's all about feeling good about your bootiful body, knowing that it's the sexiest thing the girl or guy you're into has seen all night.

In case you didn't know, a belfie is a selfie featuring your hot butt front an center. Guess who came up with the term? The Wonder Booty, Kim Kardashian of course! So if you've got a nice bum then you can plaster your Instagram with hot belfies. On a practical level it's not so easy to take pictures that capture your jaw-dropping butt. That's why somebody came up with a product that every bootiful babe should own, the belfie stick. Girls are going to extreme lengths to get a big booty for themselves. One route is to get on the squat train of course.

You can also purchase butt lifting panties and padded panties. And there's even a weird procedure where you can get a vacuum machine put on your butt to enhance it. It's crazy! So girls with big booties should definitely learn to love what their mommas gave them. Lots of people would love to have what you're packing.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is tough. But at least you know you can fill out a pair of jeans nicely with that round behind of yours and look amazing while you're at it. In fact there are lots of clothes that look amazing on girls with big booties. Any kind of stretchy material shows off those curves beautifully. A bodycon dress or skirt will look divine! Jeggings and leggings look great too because they highlight your shape. It's all about knowing your body and what you look good in. Show off your best features.

When you're out with your girls and want to hit the dance floor it really helps if you've got something to shake. Why do you think there are so many songs about shaking your booty? It's because having a big booty makes dancing so much better. You feel sexy and you look sexy. You've just got to get out there and shake it like a polaroid picture.

You don't have to twerk or anything, but it would be cool if you did. Having a little junk in the trunk can up your comfort levels tenfold. Without it you would just find your bones slamming down against a hard surface every time you sit down and that's got to be painful. Speaking of sitting down, another great benefit of having a big booty is that you'll never have to share a seat with anyone again, probably because it's physically impossible.

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That makes things much more comfortable too. Forget guys spreading their legs out and taking up an unnecessary amount of space on public transport, you have a much more valid excuse to own the space. There's even scientific reasons why your big butt is damn sexy. Some scientists believe that men are more attracted to ladies with big booties because of evolutionary reasons.

This is attractive on an evolutionary level as there is less spinal pressure and less chance of injury during pregnancy. So even the cave men liked big butts and they could not lie. Believe it or not research has highlighted the biological benefits of big booties. And this research comes from Harvard Medical School no less. Researchers found that the type of fat that you store in your thighs, hips and butt subcutaneous fat could help protect women from health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

Therefore a healthy butt might equal a healthy heart. That's really good news for us bootylicious ladies. Here's another way in which a big booty can benefit your health, it's not just nice to look at! You need a strong, good-sized butt to protect your back while you're walking.

If you don't have good glute muscles then other smaller muscles in your hips, back and knees have to work harder and can become strained. Big butts also mean better posture as it helps to lengthen your hip flexors and keep your body in alignment. So bootiful women can walk tall! I'm all for worshipping the booty in the sack.

You can stroke it and kiss it or just look at it with awe. It's sexy to have a three-dimensional woman there with you. You've got something to grab onto while you're getting down and dirty. Think about how hot a bootylicious woman looks in lingerie too or how hot you'll feel if you're said bootylicious woman. I might need a cold shower.

There are lo of articles like this that talk about the problems girls with big boobs will understand or problems girls with small boobs will understand or girls who are tall will understand et cetera. Screw that. Since when was it OK to discuss any part of your body like it's a burden? There's a lot you can't change about your body so instead of talking about the problems with our bodies and feeling worse let's celebrate the booty love!

I've always had a big bum. Luckily, I've never been more body conscious than the average girl. But I still wasn't such a big fan of my big bum when I was younger. So I avoided wearing leggings or anything that would show off my rump too much. But now I don't give a crap. I have a lot more appreciation for my booty and of course you will catch me in tight skirts and leggings. It just goes to show that as you get older, wiser and stronger those bits you didn't like about your body don't matter as much.

It seems that one of the main reasons why girls aren't as passionate about their prominent behinds as they should be is because of other people. They don't like people staring at their booties, lusting after them and treating them like a piece of meat.

But if you cover up your beautiful booty for this reason then you're letting the pigs win. Your body is yours and nobody else's.

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Nobody has the right to harass you because of what you wear or your body shape or for any other reason. Don't think I'm dissing girls with small booties here. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. It's all about celebrating your natural beauty and in this case that just so happens to be your natural booty. Bodyshaming is disgusting, there are no two ways about it.

Women should celebrate and support one another and not let jealousy or the influence of others get the better of them. Because what we often forget is that giving somebody a compliment doesn't take away anything from ourselves, how could it? Sources: latina. Follow her on Twitter at kelly91ohara. By Kelly O Published Nov 10, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Girl Talk.

Big old bootys

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