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As the sun goes down, Bangkok opens its eyes to transform into the liveliest capital in South-East Asia. An electrifying atmosphere pervades the city as it comes to life in an explosion of lights, music and dance. Add to that its carefree vibe, a dose of madness, and an insane party culture, and voila — you have the craziest nightlife in all of Thailand.

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Bangkok is a sensory overload even for the most hardcore party animals. Its not all action, though — there are plenty of amazing cultural experiences to be had in the night. But choosing where to go and what to do can be overwhelming when there are a million things to do and when everything seems tempting. Unfortunately, the night is short.

Needless to say, memorable nights come free with it. Known as the centre of the backpacking universe, Khao San Road is where globetrotting youngsters come for cheap stays, cheap eats and, of course, cheap booze. It has an anything-goes vibe to it, where every night people guzzle bucket lo of booze and dance right in the middle of the street.

This is box title Who Should Go There: Those who you want to meet interesting people from around the world and cut loose without burning a hole in their pocket. From these stations, you can take a taxi to reach Khao San Road. This would take around 20 minutes if the ro are clear. Coolest Thing To Do: Dancing on the streets with random strangers. The street food here is pretty awesome, too. Drinking and dancing on the streets is an experience unique to Khao San Road.

The ritual is simple: buy bucketlo of beer, make new friends, and dance senseless right in the middle of the road.

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The Club is the place where the young and hip go to show off their slick moves. Throughout the night, you will be grooving to the pulsating music, with cool lighting, laser beams and special smoke effects adding to the feel. Sukhumvit is like a Disneyland for party lovers, with something to suit every mood and taste. The nightlife here includes anything from glamorous rooftop bars and thundering clubs to flashy beer bars and seedy hangouts. It also hosts the world-famous red light districts of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

No rooftop bar in the city has a degree view of Bangkok that matches the one from here. Octave has a laidback lounge-like feel to it, making it ideal for a fancy dinner. The famous red-light district is bathed in pink neon lights coming from a hundred different go-go bars on the street. The procedure is fairly easy: buy a drink for yourself, and if a pretty lady sits next to you, buy her one, too.

DJs pump out bass-heavy EDM music, as revellers set the dance floor ablaze. A small wooden Chinese door le you into a massive bar, which will remind you of Gringotts Wizarding Bank from Harry Potter. Deed like a Spanish villa, Tapas Room could give any club in Europe a run for its money, as it plays the best Latino house music in all of Bangkok. So, put on your dance shoes, grab a cocktail in hand, and dance to the catchy music. The Lebua Sky Bar is the most popular rooftop bars in all of Bangkok.

The stylish patrons who visit this bar come for its elegant ambiance, jazz sessions, and panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline. True to its name, the street is lined with neon-lit strip clubs, featuring raunchy shows and pole dances. RCA is the epicentre of the clubbing scene in Bangkok, with some of the best dance floors in the city. This is where you groove to international DJs, talented local artists, and live musicians, all in one night.

Dancing the night away at Route 66 is almost a rite of passage for party animals. It has achieved a legendary status, courtesy its wild parties and music that caters to everyone. Turn up any night of the week and you will have a kickass party. Dry-ice cannons, confetti bombs, and laser shows all add to the excitement. Nightlife by the Asiatique Riverfront is in stark contrast to the noisy scene in Silom or Sukhumvit.

The action here is restricted to swanky rooftop bars and charming bars facing the river. The area is one of the best places to indulge in cultural experiences like night markets, cabaret shows, and Muay Thai matches. The markets near Asiatique Riverfront have more than 1, stalls. The mall has high-end shops and tons of dining outlets.

Enter the world of glamour, humour and over-the-top drama at the Calypso Cabaret. Tickets to the show include a free drink of your choice. Imagine two muscular fighters exchange a flurry of kicks, punches and body slams and not feel a thing. This is not a scene from a Hollywood movie, but a martial art called Muay Thai, played out right in front of you.

Although the moves are choreographed, the fighting, the acrobatics and the flying jumps are all pretty intense. This is the place for a culinary adventure, with some of the best street food in town. There are hundreds of stalls right on the pavement, selling the most lip-smacking Thai food. And yet, this place is packed all days. Come nightfall, the main street in Chinatown transforms into a paradise for foodies, with the ro lined with stalls selling the tastiest Thai dishes you can find. From tasty fruits and delicious ice-creams to fresh seafood, you get everything here.

This is box title.

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Who Should Go There: Those who you want to meet interesting people from around the world and cut loose without burning a hole in their pocket. Image via khaosanpubcrawl. Image via kewaleeiskewalee.

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Who Should Go There: Those who want to party till the wee hours of the night, or experience the infamous adult entertainment industry of Bangkok. Image via akindofnomad.

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Image via libbyarganbright. Images via daniellexelle. Image via levelsbangkok. Who Should Go There: Those who want to party in style in flashy clubs and stylish hangouts, or those who simply want to stroll along Patpong.

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They are the most convenient and cheapest ways to reach Silom. Image via misstrendybcn. Who Should Go There: Those who are looking for the best clubs to dance the night away. From there, you can take the local cab to get to RCA. Who Should Go There: Families looking for cultural experiences, mainly night markets and cabaret shows. It only takes ten minutes, and the boat runs until 11 in the night.

Coolest Thing To Do: Grab something delicious from the street markets and sit by the riverside. Or, you could check out Calypso Cabaret, the most famous one in Bangkok. Hop off and walk up Ratchawong to Yaowarat, and you will be in Chinatown.

Coolest Thing To Do: Try the local street food. You Might Also Like. We are Stalker Friendly :D. Popular Posts.

Bangkok night live

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