Airport video 2 seatac

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Do you work at SEA Airport?

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There is no charge to participate. Trainings will be offered in multiple languages and at different times of day.

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Please with any questions so we can make this accessible for you! This informational — available in four languages — offers a quick summary of your rights under Prop.

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Sessions are typically one hour long and are offered at multiple different times. Choose one that works best for your schedule:.

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The interactive training episode will go into detail about which workers are covered under Prop 1. This is an online training on the Zoom platform. We will cover your rights under SeaTac Proposition 1 and which industry workers benefit from this law. We will talk about the ways that Proposition 1 protects workers in accessing tips, what you need to know about rest and meal breaks, and how to protect yourself from wage theft. Contact Mohamed Ahmed at mohamed fairworkcenter.

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What is your primary language? We can provide information or consultations in most languages through a translation service. What kind of job do you have? If "other," please specify. Please provide a short sentence description of any questions you have, your issue at work, or what kind of help you are looking for. SEA Airport.

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help fairworkcenter.

Airport video 2 seatac

email: [email protected] - phone:(940) 586-6228 x 5970

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