2013 niner jet 9

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Niner Bikes are renowned for their smooth lines and great looks and their flagship Jet9 RDO is no exception. The frame de is not simply for visual appeal though, say Niner, but is structural in its de and application and gives great top tube clearance. Niner use their own, patented CVA suspension de.

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The upper rocker links have gone carbon and the frame layup is revised for a slightly lighter and stiffer frame. Burly alloy bolts secure it together with Enduro Max bearings, deed to be more suited to the forces generated through linkages. The heet is now a drop-in unit also on the Jet 9 Carbon with moulded carbon races, saving a few grams over the press fit heet style. Gone is the fiddly rear derailleur to BB cable routing, replaced by much smoother routing with full cable housing from shifter to rear derailleur.

Shifting is no longer compromised and cable replacement is much easier. Saddle time has consisted of riding local trails, big days out in the Welsh mountains and in anger at numerous endurance races, most recently at the 7-Day Transpyr. Having ridden the V1 -the v2 - onwards is an altogether stiffer beast. The V1 did suffer from some rear end wag riding through rocky terrain. More effort is able to be put into cornering and speed than compensating for rear wheel wander.

Rocky, rooty terrain could be handled with greater confidence and speed, riding tighter lines through turns. Pedaling the Jet 9 does take some getting used to.

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Stomp on the pedals in an unwieldy way causes bob and a loss of rear wheel traction. Pedalling efficiency is key to getting the best out of the Jet 9. Adopt an efficient pedaling style and the bike flies. Keep it smooth and the rear end hugs the trail, it climbs efficiently and fast, even up the steepest and rockiest of climbs.

Keeping the CTD shock in trail mode for all bumpy ascents was more effective, climb mode being reserved for only the smoothest of terrain. Point the bike downwards descend mode and it soaks up the terrain well for a mm bike. The steeper head angle makes for sharp yet edgy handling, the longer head tube helping to dampen things down. Slow speed handling is quick, but the Jet 9 can get out of its depth when the trail gets super steep.

Up the fork to mm for a more versatile ride. The CVA suspension continues to work effectively in either ring. Some XC purists may find the suspension too gooey through the initial travel, but I welcomed its small bump compliance, especially for the longer haul. The current Niner Jet 9 RDO is a ificant step up from the V1 and is more versatile than a pure XC rig with its longer head tube and option for a mm fork.

It does take a few saddle hours to learn how the Jet 9 pedals, but once dialed, you really get the most out of this bike.

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2013 niner jet 9

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